Serious Weather in Historic Peru | BBC Studios

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Is it possible that serious climate disorders ended up accountable for the dowfall of a whole civilisation? Archaeologists talk about the likelihood in this clip from The Dropped Civilisation of Peru’ on BBC around the globe.

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  1. You wouldn't believe what the weather patterns show us on earth, and it is thee most important thing, but you are not going to believe it. The weather patterns show us the true size of the moon, and they show us exactly where it has hit the earth. You better believe it, because the proof is everywhere on earth, and the moon. It's 3x bigger than we are told, and it killed the dinosaurs, that was one of the many times it has hit earth. Every word is true.

  2. I can show you about 3 different places that SA has been on the earth, by looking at the current weather patterns. One location indeed shows that Peru had typhoon type weather at the coast. I can show you ancient weather of Africa, currently around Antarctica. You can take current weather and put it over Africa, and you can see that the Sahara used to be wet.



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