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Like war and conflict, extreme weather occasions pose a serious risk to tens of millions of people all over the planet. It’s only recently that we’re seeing worldwide leaders start off to take the threat of global warming, a lot more frequently referred to as local climate transform, seriously. The calls for their militaries to deliver humanitarian help to those people afflicted by catastrophe increase louder…

When we feel of all-natural disasters like hurricanes and floods, we usually consider they transpire to “someone, someplace else” but the latest extraordinary weather incidents like floods and fires in Europe demonstrate that this just isn’t the situation. In this episode of Faceless Threats, Ben Cook, former Royal Marines Commando, speaks to top experts and explores what position militaries participate in during a natural disaster.

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Correction: 20:42 Simple fact Verify – We have clarified this simple fact and decided that the wording on formal figures (report hyperlink down below) is that the Armed Forces are accountable for 50% of Uk Central Governing administration carbon emissions and not 50% of the United Kingdom’s emissions.

Url to Ministry of Defence Local climate Change Report 2021:


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  1. I detailed a very comprehensive document to powers that be in 4 regions (hoping it would reach the senate) detailing how to form Civil Disaster Units in this country and others without the dependence on military. And provide training/ work opportunities. Military require mandates and have other commitments, we know this, so talk of increasing military specifically deal with such events will only screw up planning and defence budgets. This was first documented in 2019. Very cost effective model which would provide training for the Civil Industry and more. Rubicon have a copy which probably hit the trash can and a few MPs and Mayors of regions mainly affected. Should get to Parliament some time next decade. Germany have 83,000 Volunteers with some very good kit for dealing with this stuff. Like the TA / Engineers without guns. Everything from bomb disposal to disaster relief. I'm off to bed then up for a quality steak. Don't try to save the planet, prepare for the future and make the transition.

  2. Time after time we are told about the number of communities that are virtually wiped out by floods, fires and other disasters. Mainly because they are built on flood prone areas. In Australia we come across this every year and more so since climate weather events produce more severe flooding. It is mainly because councils and other government organizations have allowed developers to build on flood and fire prone areas. It is time that governments put more effort into making sure that any developments have a properly prepared community-wide understanding of the long-term risks associated with the developments.

  3. Have we crossed the point of no return in terms of damaging the planet? There is no such point. We need to trust that our thought, which is our greatest quality, can change nature. We only need to understand the direction to which we should aim our thoughts. What should we think about? What condition or state should we aspire to and ask for?
    In order to save our planet, we should think about positive human connections. That is, how can we, in our connections, keep nature safe? How can we all together protect our world? If we truly wish to better our planet, then we should see people holding a concern for how to positively connect everywhere that we look.
    It has nothing to do with recycling or other activities that we commonly associate with as being sustainable. If we come closer to and consider each other, that we will reach an entirely organic, perfectly connected and round state, then the negative forces will disappear from the world.
    We need to understand that if we start thinking better about each other, then the planet will recover from all harm, because our thoughts are the strongest force in nature. Likewise, our negative thoughts about each other are entirely to blame for damaging the planet. That is why the more we recycle and invest in energies and activities that we commonly think of as being sustainable, the worse our planet becomes. Nothing will work to benefit us until we reach a state where our attitude changes toward each other for the better to protect and improve our planet..

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  5. A metrologist said that the world is in a cycle. It's been named climate change but it's all a cycle of the world warming up after the Ice age. We're entering another age.



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