Serious Weather conditions Situations Week 34 / Laura Aftermath / Oman Storms / FLOODS Pakistan

August 31, 2020 #extremeweather #floods #oman
Week 34 A Compilation of videos from all over the world showing the Serious energy of the Weather on our planet. Concentrating this 7 days on the Aftermath of Hurricane #Laura who swept straight by means of the United States this 7 days. If you have any video clips you would like to share with this channel. You should Email me. YOUR video may perhaps be showcased on the Weekly Events.


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  1. It is difficult to watch this knowing that people have to pick up the pieces of this destruction and to try carry on…this seems to be a daily occurrence on the globe some where,,,and i follow the activity of the weather much closer than i watch the happenings of people these days…i can tell you this that in 1950 the globe in a year had next to 0 life taking weather events happen any where…charting from the 50's to now it is said we are at a 400% increase through-out these years…it is understood that our weather is prisoner to a cycle that follows the activity of the sun…these cycles are on a time scale of hundreds as well as thousands of years in their coming and going…it is easy to understand why we are only now really beginning to grasp this reality…our modern day technology was absent to all past generations so the idea of our weather being controlled primarily , mostly by the sun is a recent one which past people wouldn't quite consider which has lead us to now where it's not widely accepted knowledge that the sun is the driver and in control of what occurs here weather wise but soon will be…this escalation in severity and frequency is still on the rise…and as our sun is leaving one cycle heading into its next it's anyone's guess as to where this will end but one thing is for sure we can expect one hell of a winter…there will be both cold and no surprise warm records breaking everywhere so hold on and stay on top of what's happening around you…the more sources of info we have access to the better prepared…no fear…we are survivors that are built to adapt to change…no fear…peace while we still have some…thank-you Mourning Dew…

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