Serious Weather conditions Situations Plague Entire Country

Record breaking rainfall in the South, snowfall hits Northeast on Memorial weekend.


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  1. I also vote….it's weather wars!!! Facilities like HARRP all over the world. This would also account for the huge uptick on earthquakes, sinkholes and mass animal deaths. They are destroying our planet!!!

  2. Bad weather outbreaks occured in 1920,1930,1950,1954. Todays science does a better job at determining storm strength,and more people live in harms way, in structures not able to do well in bad storms.

  3. Either that, or there really IS a God, and he really IS all kindsa mad……

    And its gonna get a whole lot worse(r) from here on out.

  4. You gotta frog in your pocket?
    This is the result of weather modification. U.S., Russia, China, u.k., Aus, france, germany. All have and use technology designed to control atmosphereic condition's…
    Started as an agro project to increase food supplies so we could stop world hunger, was subverted by darpa to be used as a miliarty weapon…
    But against WHO?

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