Serious Climate in Prophecy

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How does extreme weather conditions position to the soon return of Jesus Christ? Discover out with visitor Heather Jones and Nathan Jones of the Lamb & Lion Ministries evangelism staff as they deliver their Prophetic Perspectives (187)!

“World’s most severe weather conditions events in 2021” –

What Have to I Do to Be Saved? –


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How does excessive climate place to the shortly return of Jesus Christ?

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  1. Thank you, I really enjoy these short videos by you and your wife. Like the length and the content, which is always relevant. Just wish I could get others to watch them. Keep on working for the Lord.

  2. Maybe this is just semantics but I have never believed God caused the deadly and destructive weather as He did in the Old Testament days, not since Jesus came here anyway, but rather He has allowed the natural disasters that Satan has created to befall us. Satan is the prince of this world so of course he wants to destroy as many as possible and in any and all ways possible (i.e., Job, etc.). God has protected us from the natural disasters as we have reached out to Him, but since humanity is becoming more and more Godless and less and less dependent on Him, that hedge of protection is waning. The umbrella we used to rely on is now folding shut as we shut God out of our lives and quit praying for His grace and mercies of protection. I do believe God is in control, but from that angle and not necessarily the cause of the death, destruction, and disaster. I could be completely wrong, that is just the way I have always believed (I’m not even sure I can find the Scriptures to back up my claims here but I will be looking and update if so). Same with America, God has always had a hedge of protection around us because we were founded as a Christian nation and we have reaped the benefit but as our country has pushed Him further and further out of our lives that hedge is becoming less and less protective and as a result many sad and shocking things are befalling this once-great nation. I agree with Nathan and Heather about the birth pangs, it’s getting more and more frequent and more and more intense until Jesus finally calls His saints home and the Holy Spirit is removed and then truly, all hell will break loose on this earth! I also agree with Dr. Reagan, I think it is too late for this country (I hope I’m wrong but on the other hand, come Lord Jesus!) but we as individuals must reach out and ask Jesus into our hearts, confess Him as the Creator of the universe and Lord of our lives, and spread the Good News as much as we can! We don’t have much longer to get that done! Maranatha!!!

  3. Thank you for this message, and for this channel. God bless you and keep up the great work fulfilling His commission to be ambassadors for His glory!

  4. No offense, but when women start sitting in on commentary-like shows, they add to the teaching and that violates scripture. Also, you continue to completely take ll Peter 3:9 out of context. It’s time for me to unsubscribe. What a disappointment. Dr. Reagan and Tim Moore have such a needed ministry.

  5. They worshipped creation more than the creator…why can't people see how this extreme weather is wide..

  6. The weather isn’t any worst than 1918 1919 1920 etc according to the Wall street journal just last month it was on the Dan BonGino show! you stop 🛑 the FEAR mongering just to sell books 📚 I believe the rapture is going to happen soon within the next 300 years when the silk road is finished in Asia so the kings of the east can come in to 🇮🇱 for the war of Armageddon and many more things but I hope it’s sooner 🙋🏼👍🏻🙏🏻

  7. Totally agree God controls the weather. Thank you for this channel and all the hard work you do. Come Lord Jesus 🙏

  8. Every time I see a video or post talking about climate change I comment that it's due to sin on the earth and give a few Bible verses. May Jesus come soon!

  9. Chuch attenders who dont love Jesus as much as they claim, all hide behind the mockers favourite "we don't know the hour", simply means, they cant be bothered and aren't too keen. Sad bunch.

  10. Foretold more than 2600 years ago, "declaring the end from the beginning". These storms are nothing compared with what's to come. As in the days of Noah, Christ's bride will be snatched out of here before God's Wrath.



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