Serious Climate in Many Areas in China | Blue Warn Elevated | Flooding | Thunderstorm

Due to the fact Might, some places of mainland China have been hit by excessive temperature, sandstorms, snowfall, alongside with 12 tornadoes, hail and other abnormal temperature. On Might 26, hail and thunderstorms swept via 13 provinces and towns again, ruthlessly hitting people’s livelihoods. In Southern China, 79 rivers flooded and the drinking water stages arrived at around the warning line, drawing panic of repeating past year’s severe flooding.

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  1. China Observer, the footage used at the end of this video clip is not from China. It is form somewhere in the Middle east. Did you make a mistake? Or is this a deliberate error?

  2. This the price of going against GOD creation. China is a beautiful country , abundance of water, life and forest. But when you destroyed all this for the sake of modernisation , power and greed , destruction will only awaits you in the coming years. No country will attack or destroyed China , their downfall will be from within .

  3. A long disturbing time is waiting for the people of the world, Man and animals every person are suffering, nothing have to do that time, no one came to rescue others,

  4. Weather has now been replaced with extreme weather thanks to H.A.A.R.P

    If killing us with biological weapons isn't bad enough — they've activated H.A.A.R.P to kill us with weather and to distroy food producing crops for some good old-fashioned death by starvation.

    And, as an added bonus they plan to start thousands of WILDFIRES to fill the air with smoke and kill off those covid-19 infected people who desperately need fresh air.

    Wake-up people you are being MURDERED !

  5. Prepared to Respond? Oh please. This is what happens when we abuse the resources.
    So much for Chinas superior structures.
    They don't stand a chance.
    Same goes for the rest of the world.

  6. this is what you get for denying the lord of spirits ? you will wish you was never born ? get on your hands and nees and pray to the lord of spirits pray that Metatron gives you mercy ? my alien family is doing this to you china because you deny my lord you deny my family you will pay you shall not deny the lord of spirits

  7. 4 meters higher than in history but china idiot says this is in the normal range, normal range????? when this is the second-highest recorded water level

  8. To avoid death by the strong earthquake tsunami volcano cyclone floods tornadoes lightning hailstroms fires meteor to non-muslims to convert to islam and the muslims to apply the Quran 100% in China in India in Indonesia in Asia in the world.



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