Seltsame Blende F11. F8 ist eigentlich die kleinste Blende.

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Seltsame Blende F11. F8 ist eigentlich die kleinste Blende.

Etwas hat 1/2000 noch stärker abblenden lassen.
Canon PowerShot SX70 HS :
F18 gab es auch schon!

F11, F18 new Limits ● – Sunset via Selfie Mode With DEFOCUS

Canon PowerShot SX70 HS

0.001 sec (1/2000)


Focal Length
192.1 mm

ISO Speed

Exposure Bias
0 EV

Digital Zoom Ratio – 1
Scene Capture Type – Standard

Canon PowerShot SX70 HS

New Compact BridgeCamera
smaller and lighter,
snappy and silent

Canon PowerShot SX70 HS,Canon, PowerShot, SX70 HS,eagle1effi, Bridgecamera

Good for wide angle, macro, moon and travel.

Using RAW (CR2) is a good idea
for best Image Quality (IQ)

CR3 or

JPEG with Picture style custom Standard: 6,1,1,-2
6 means sharpness and low NR

7 means sharpest and less NR (noise reduction)

7,2,2,-2 crisp Details, but more noise!!

use only with bright light and ISO 100

Reviews and more
tests and features

Bewertung: nur 3,5 von 5 – ‎Bewertung von Mark Goldstein…

– Expert review of the Canon PowerShot SX70 HS super-zoom camera with full-size sample JPEG and Raw Images

leider nur hohe ISO Werte verwendet

since 4 December with own photos

Canon SX70 – Canon PowerShot


A short and fair
review was published on the Dutch EOSzine site. The Google-translated version in English is

Dutch EOSzine


4 Cameralabs

#3 Techradar

4 of 5

The camera’s autofocus system works in good time and shot-to-shot times are very good, even when capturing raw files, although a fast memory card advised. With the familiar EOS-style menu system you have very good control over your captures too, although it’s not possible to apply different Styles (color settings) to images when shooting raw files, and post-capture raw processing is also sadly not provided.

For a camera with such a small sensor, the PowerShot SX70 HS is capable of very pleasing output. Exposures are largely fine, although the limited dynamic range does mean that highlight details can blow in high-contrast scenes, so using the Auto Lighting Optimizer is a good idea.
Canon’s marketing for the camera makes its target audience clear: this is a model aimed at those who want the control of a DSLR and a massive zoom lens at their disposal in one convenient package.

There’s good detail in images in the middle part of the focal range, while the image stabilisation system does well to keep captures at the telephoto extreme relatively sharp, although wide-angle results and anything captured indoors at moderate ISO settings and above are noticeably worse.

using RAW-CR2 is a very good idea!

CR3-RAW is compressed and not better than the best rendered JPEG
by Standard Picture Style, 7,2,2,-2



Another fair REVIEW by an Expert for Bridge Cameras

A short and fair
review was published on the Dutch EOSzine site. The Google-translated version in English is

Dutch EOSzine

449 items 4 /January / 2019

Januar 2019· ALVIS by
USER Review

Nice advancement over SX60

Might not be as good as some pixel-peepers or camera snobs like, but it is a nice improvement over previous model.

I get tired of issues being pointed out that to the targeted user will never see or even notice.
It is NOT a DSLR, but it usually gets compared to such.
Lightweight camera to carry around with a very nice range.

EVF is awesome and one of the best I’ve seen with this type of camera.
Also great improvement of (10) fps.

😊😊😊😊😊 My favourite Breathtaking NEW Features are :

😊😊- Panorama Mode – 😊
😊😊😊 – Great Handheld Nighshots Mode up to ISO 3200 – 😊

ISO 2000

ISO 3200
+ 2 EV
is like ISO 6400

😊 – Three useful Portrait Modes – 😊😊😊
😊😊 – Built in Flash up to 1/2000 full X-scnchron – 😊

Self Portrait mode with "DSLR defocus effects"

😊😊 – CRAW (CR2, CR3) : plus incamera auto processing CRAW to JPEG
by Canon App
Image Transfer
– 😊

PS – for SX60 and SX70 owners:

(The SX70 – Transfers also CR2 raw photos, taken by the older SX60 camera! if you change the SD-Card)



Only thing I can see where they may have gone backwards, elimination of hot shoe.
Sunday –
17rd – February – 2019

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