Selfies in Wales -BW

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Selfies in Wales -BW

I usually like to keep my personal self hidden from the real life world and tend to hide behind my Second Life avatar when posting anything to the web. So this is a big stretch for me personally.

Here we are in Wales, Sept. 2002 with Caerphilly Castle behind us.
Used the Olympus 2100 super zoom bridge camera at this time and whatever was the latest version of Photoshop back then.

Not sure what happened to the settings on the camera must have knocked them about a bit as the image was a total mess. Very washed out and with a green chartreuse overcast to it.

But, I loved the image anyway so went to work on it.

Played with some infrared conversions, some toning layers, layer blend modes, and some early version Nik plugins.

I spent hours and hours messing around with it those many years ago.

I ended up fiddling with it a bit more this morning newer versions of the same software.

Have a great week ahead everyone!

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