Selfie Sunday

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Selfie Sunday

Once again, I apologise for not replying to your comments on my photos or commenting on yours! We’ve spent a long day travelling to and from Cardiff, collecting JJ and emptying his room for the final time! Quite sad really, as although it was quite stressful for him at times, he had a fabulous room and great view towards the Bay, as you can see!

So for my Sunday Selfie photo, I suddenly thought I must make this my shot, as I’ll never get another chance! What a shame the weather was sunny all day in Portsmouth and rainy all day in Cardiff! But that is quite typical, I’m afraid!

All went very smoothly, and the 6/7 round road trip went well. But I’m very tired today, as our night was disturbed by the car alarm going off unexpectedly several times!! Anyone know about car alarms?!! Totally unprovoked! Tim did see a fox strolling down the road about 1am, but nowhere near the car! He ended up sleeping downstairs the rest of the night so it was quicker for him to get outside to check the car…. yawn….!!!

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