Scientists anxiety extreme climate gatherings achieving irreversible local climate thresholds

Signals of weather improve appear to be almost everywhere, and there is a growing issue that we are reaching a tipping place. Experts stress that essential ecosystems will endure significant-scale, speedily moving adjustments.
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  1. If they're saying it's 1.2 degrees above preindustrial then they've moved the goal post to downplay the problem. The original 1750 preindustrial baseline puts the temperature at almost 2 degrees.

  2. Cataclysms are taking place all over the planet. And besides, they sync. A lot of scientists spoke about this at the conference "The Global Crisis. This Already Concerns Everyone." To survive, people around the world need to unite in a new format of interaction. Not in consumption but in creation. Creative society

  3. We are at 443 parts per million of C02, when we hit 450 parts per million, it's all over. And, at the rate of increase, we will hit 450 in less than 4 years. Most have no idea how close to the edge we are!

  4. ? SCARY but still humanity may still on the act of denial… what if the changes nearly or already reahed its irreversible threshold… … ?
    ? ? forest and trees will continue to burn – worsening wildfires… temperature will keep rising – more heat waves… more number of intensified cyclones… more series of droughts and floods.. sinking of coastlines and low level places… extreme changes of weathers… — unstoppble progression of increasing temperature that seems already "set" to rise faster and further ?

    ? nations must unite and immediately comply before it's to late to be "irreversible"

  5. God is preparing the earth for the return of the Saviour. No amount of government intervention will stop the natural disasters that will continue to take place and intensify as we get closer.

  6. "I'm a conservative christian and I believe in angels and talking snakes and seven headed dragons, but I need to see more data on climate change. Derp!"

  7. I agree that regions ecosystem can shift from forests to grassland. It's happened before (Egypt and California had forests in past). Now it's man-made but maybe the thawing out of the North and excessive rains in some regions will open opportunity for reforestation and fertility of soil if and only if trees are planted in wetter regions.

  8. There is no west antarctic ice sheet. He means the west antartic penninsular which is losing ice. Happily the antarctic ice sheet containing 100 times as much ice as the west Antarctic peninsula. Is in rude good health ( Jay Zwally Nasa) isnt that great news

  9. Well we were warned of feedback loops and tipping points for years the unnecessary consumption is still growing and things that we rely on like appliances. For your homes. Don't last long at all filling up landfills. And using so much resources just to keep making more profits the real cost is the environment being depleted and polluted. Greed and the need for more and more will send us over the tipping point soon if we haven't already

  10. God's power over nature; Psalm 107:33,34 He turneth rivers into a wilderness, and the watersprings into dry ground; A fruitful land into barrenness, for the wickedness of them that dwell therein.

  11. I guess those nukes that all countries holds dear is useless if there's nothing for it to threaten I mean we all will perish and by no means those nukes hold no value of destroying something when theres nothing, Its just sad that all that is waste why not end in a special was like clean sweep so no sufferings just nuke everything

  12. There is a great video that talks about how the United States govt can solve the climate change problem by building factories that mass produce equipment that makes green energy. This is the Henry Ford approach to climate change. To see this video, type it's title into google search: How the US Gov't Can Solve the Climate Change Problem for $10B/yr

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