Scary STORM Moments At The Beach Caught On Camera!

In this compilation video, we have a look at some incredible clips of storms at beaches all over the world

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  1. I'm glad all of you stay safe
    Alexa you always stay away from tornadoes
    What city do you live in Some people might wanna come over there and visit you
    I love all of you guys and I'm glad you stay safe
    And I'm glad you're still alive💋💋💋🤑🤑👩‍❤️‍👩

  2. Was in Florida when a tropical storm came ashore. As it approaches you could see the sea flattened by the amount of rain falling. When it reached the shore the force of the rain was tremendous. Just lucky it wasn't a hurricane.

  3. Por onde andam os controladores da meteorologia 🤔??????? Se fosse num país do terceiro mundo, tudo bem……. Um ciclone dessas proporções, poderia ser notado tranquilamente e evitaria prejuízo ou algo pior para os turista e comerciantes do local…… EUA já não é o mesmo. Biden 🚩avacalhou 😵‍💫




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