Scary Footages: Weather Moments Caught On Camera 2023

Weather Moments Caught On Camera: Monster Flash Floods In The World 2023
Floods are made more likely by the more extreme weather patterns caused by long-term global climate change. Change in land cover—such as removal of vegetation—and climate change increase flood risk.
Extreme floods can be triggered by intense precipitation, longer duration, close repetition of precipitations or a combination of these.
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  1. The truth re: climate change [above]: Environmentalists claim man is responsible for todays climate, but their claims are not based on actual science i.e., observation. They rely on "consensus $cience" [for profit], which does not provide facts/data based on actual observation—data that denotes the truth re: the direct correlation between sun spots and solar variations i.e., the visible discernable truth behind todays temperature change(s). FYI, there is zero scientific evidence that mankind causes warming—none; in fact, based on true science the opposite appears to be true.

    In layman’s terms: as solar variations begin to fluctuate, they become hotter at certain times more than others—this then begins to warm our oceans; as the oceans become warmed they release more CO2 not mankind. This is an observable, visible, and discernable event—a fact: made visible via true science.

    Factually stated: it is not mankind, it is the sun and the affect it has on the oceans that releases more CO2 into the atmosphere. All true/honest science say's: man's contribution to CO2 is negligible. Water vapor and clouds make up almost all CO2 and climate change—it's the affect of electromagnetic fields on the sun that increases CO2 from oceans and clouds. The claims from environmentalists that mankind is warming the environment has no true scientific support—it's all mere $care tactics for profit.

    If the above isn't true then please tell me:

    1] If ocean levels WILL continually rise [a regular scare tactic], why did Obama just purchase an $11.75m waterfront home on 30 acres in Martha's Vineyard?" ?

    2] Why have remote sensing satellite systems concluded: there has been no global warming for the past 18 yrs?

    3] Why in 2023, is the Arctic's "summer sea ice" still here; and the Arctic the ice cap still there and larger than in 2007 when Al Gore said it would be totally gone by 2014?

    Something Gore reminded humanity of as he was accepting his Nobel Peace Prize re: "global warming "

    4] Why do Gore's "consensus science equals" hype/promote: solar power and electric cars, yet fail to mention taxpayers are forced to subsidize them?

    5] "Why won't anyone be honest re: where will all of the extra electricity come from? Don't ask the Brits who are already fighting their existing wind farm(s) issues." You can bet environmentalists have no plan to tell people that "electricity comes from: [A] natural gas 33% [B] coal 30% [C] nuclear reactors 20%. Truth is a stubborn thing.

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