Scariest Tsunami And Wave Moments Ever Caught On Camera !

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Even the most heavenly places can become hell when storm season arrives! Because mother nature is already so angry with us that she wants to destroy everything in her path. Today we’re bringing you the Scariest Storm And Flood Moments that will make you think twice before going out in the rain again!

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  1. Like 5 days ago i saw a big thunderstorm in my storm tracker……. 5 days after………. i was in school and i got the biggest thunderstorm i saw it and is was huge is lasted 2 hours in my whole school got flooded the main area in a lot of places got flooded a lot of kids was playing when we leave the school

  2. Normally a lightning doesn't hit the same spot twice. But if you have a lightning rod or some electronics on your roof the lightning could hit it more often.

    07:40 Maybe the ground was underwashed by a flood or underground river and got lifted by the water or got more size by soaking it up. It looks like the ground is really wet and on the edge of becoming mud but the top is made of a harder material (maybe rocks or concrete) so it is lifted by the softer and soaked up material under it.

  3. I live in Fl. I was still here in Pasco county when hurricane Irma hit… It was luckily about a cat. 3 when it hit. Was still pretty strong winds ligntning and rain. It flooded the streets about a foot or so for a bit after, tooksom trees down and left debris and branches all over the roads. The scariest part where I was were the high winds that can hold you up if you tried to lean against the winds and watching it ligh up blue and purple because it destroyed a small power station that was around a mile or so away. Luckily for us our power still stood on for around 3 hours more. We were only out of power for a bit over a day. Some were out for a week or more.

  4. The 1973 or 1975 Toronado of Xenia,Ohio look it up 5 miles wide I kid you not. We lived 6 miles from Xenia,Ohio in Cedarville, Ohio!! The toronado was an F5!!! 😮

  5. It's crazy. Our large constructions like bridges, concrete core high rises, dams etc. seem so solid and unyielding, yet get ripped apart by mother nature as if spun of gossamer.

  6. In my opinion mother nature is the only "true" and "undisputed" god or godess in the world, all the religious gods around the world are either myths or were people from long ago and given god like status. Take a look at the gods the vikings worshiped, a lot of them can be tied to mother nature such as Thor the god of thunder. Thunder being something that's "created" by mother nature. I know this a stretching it a little but i think a lot of people will see my point.

  7. Your voice is great.
    The complaint I have is when your higher caliber voice does the lowest of caliber lines…it makes it unbearable to listen too!
    Just about an ignorant level of intelligence.

  8. Wtf was that at 9:02 some kinda giant lightning spider monster? Am I the only one trippin on that cuz it looks straight out of a horror movie. Well they all pretty much do, but seriously wth was that. I'm saying I can't call it. No joke it looks like some kinda massive spider monster in the midst of the lightning. The red skies make it even trippier. Come on! Anybody know or am I the one dumb ass that hasn't seen the TV show version of (The Mist) or something?



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