SCARIEST Storms Caught On Camera

Get your umbrella, you’re going to need it, as we take a look at some of the scariest storms ever caught on camera!
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  1. I recently got certified to chase storms. My main reason for this? I want to help people. Even though I can't walk and struggle with certain day to day activities. But I can still do stuff.

  2. 15:51 that was not a tornado touching down that was what’s called a multi vortex that was one of the vortices . What a multi vortex is it’s a bunch of smaller tornadoes inside the main circulation of the tornado

  3. 188 mph would make it a strong F4, not EF5. EF5 is 200+ mph. Also the windspeed of this storm is definitely over 70. 70 mph winds would make this storm an EF0. That is the problem with the EF scale, it's based on damage not actual windspeed. If this storm did nothing but stay in open fields and only tear up some grass, it would receive that EF 0 rating. This massive Wedge tornado most likely had winds in excess of 150 mph at least. It could even have had winds up to 300, but if all it did was tear up grass, then it's an EF 0 with winds of 70mph. Now what's the big deal? It's just winds… No, no it's not. It's lives. Human lives. With a better understanding of how many of these storms are actually violent the more we can force the hands of construction companies to build better and the more we can push for better building codes. Accuracy equals human lives. And the most important thing the study of this science can bring us is the saving of human life.

  4. Same thing happened to our trampoline when I was 12.
    Had a really severe autumn thunderstorm, power even went out while I was at school.
    Came home and was like "Where's the trampoline?"
    It was 100 feet into the soybean field, upside down and several of the legs had separated mid-flight.

  5. We also had a hailstorm last year in 2023 where golf ball sized hail came down in certain places. My father was driving on the highway and his window was completed shattered and car full of dents. Some people's roof of their parking spaces collapsed. It's really unusual to get such a big hail storm here 🇿🇦

  6. Man the Ice Storm of 2009 in the Central part of the US. I lived in the absolute worst part of the south during the ice storm. When you can only use gas or wood fire places. Being so quiet all you can hear during the night is the pops of the fire and the falling of trees how thick the ice was. At least 2-3inches of ice built up on power lines and trees.

  7. @BeAmazed on May 5, 1995 in Fort Worth, Texas during Mayfest a storm hit bringing with it grapefruit sized hail.

    Also don't stand under a tree during a lightning storm. 🌩️


  8. I don't live particularly far from Wentzville, and that rain was crazy. It was our other problem aside from the tornadoes. We have to worry about flash floods every year. No matter where you live, or how high you are above sea level, flash floods hit everyone at some point. As far as the tornadoes go, I remember in 1995 watching several hit Moberly on the 4th of July. Nature wanted to show off her fireworks. The funnels were going up and down. There were 4 at once several times. That was nuts. Also the flood of 93 destroyed a hell of a lot of the state, killed a lot of people, and even uprooted several cemeteries. People were tying coffins to trees and tying them closed so people could find a way to identify the bodies inside.

    Missouri is also the only place on earth where you will use both your AC and heat in the same day.

    The weather here sucks.

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