Samfundstanker 104: Roger Pielke Jr.: Local climate transform, excessive weather, and weather disasters

This week’s guest is Roger Pielke Jr who is a professor of environmental scientific studies at the College of Colorado Boulder. He has held various fellowships, such as at Oxford University’s Reported Small business School. In 2012 Roger Pielke, Jr. was awarded an honorary doctorate from Linköping University in Sweden and the General public Provider Award of the Geological Culture of The usa. In 2006, Roger been given the Eduard Brückner Prize in Munich, Germany for exceptional accomplishment in interdisciplinary local climate analysis.

He has authored several guides, such as The Rightful Place of Science: Disasters & Weather Transform, Hurricanes: Their Nature and Impacts on Culture and The Local weather Resolve: What Scientists and Politicians Would not Notify You About International Warming.

Roger retains degrees in mathematics, general public coverage, and political science, all from the University of Colorado.

The conversation focusses on Professor Pielke’s perform on local weather adjust and intense climate situations. The situation is COP27 and the discussion about climate compensation. It too touches on problems like to what extent is anthropogenic local weather modify creating a lot more extraordinary weather functions, the enhancement over time of the charges of intense weather conditions events and the connection amongst wealth, resilience and influence of excessive weather. Toward the end the conversation turns to Pielkes get the job done on sporting activities economics, the Soccer Entire world Championship in Qatar and how to reform FIFA, the intercontinental soccer association.

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Recorded on the 29 of November 2022.  


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