Sacramento County Considers Tying Homeless Enforcement To Extraordinary Weather Alerts

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Sacramento County supervisors are looking at a new “no tenting” ordinance aimed at moving homeless encampments forward of severe weather conditions gatherings.


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  1. When are woman going to start waking up and realizing every time they want to cause their uterus to get full they risk no food, no place, no water, no job, no health care, no NOTHING!

  2. they leave needles n trash up our creeks they make alot of effort to go around collecting worthless garbage but they can't get a job and be a functioning human being cuz they want everything handed to them give me free stuff there's no hope in dope

  3. No community should have to live in filth! It's disgusting and it looks like the people are allowed to trash and foul their public living quarters. Then build camps like they had during the great depression where homeless transients could live and shower. The situation only gets more appalling.

  4. Sadly, street homeless encampments are nothing else but open drugs markets brewing all sorts of crimes. Many will die from fentanyl 💊 overdose.

  5. Too bad these Advocates don't care about people that actually have houses maybe they lower our property taxes, no Lets Help people that don't want to help themselves

  6. The other day I had to ride on the bike trail Howe Ave. bike detour and one of those junkies was walking down the sidewalk shooting up, I could not believe it !!!

  7. I'd stay away from discovery park. Imagine walking into the water and stepping on a needle or worst, your kids stepping on those needles

  8. Why not house them in jail, treatment centers, or mental institutions?

    Isn't it the DA's fault they aren't serving 364 days each for trespassing?
    Who is the Sacramento DA? Chesa Boudin? Start there, recall the useless failure.



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