Researchers Warn Of Local climate Transform Risks As Excessive Climate Hits U.S.

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Pennsylvania was strike with really serious flooding, though historic warmth fuels wildfires in the West. The intense circumstances demonstrate that the unsafe impacts of climate improve are only intensifying, scientists warn. 
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  1. I reallt would care and try to make a change, even tho im a nobody in a small city in Saskatchewan, Canada…but nobody else is doing nothing so i dont think i can even help make a change

  2. How can I say this in order to communicate with today's people on earth?
    Remember what lead up to the time of Noah's days with the worldwide flood? And no one lived except for the 8 souls of Noah's family? According to the Holy Bible, it was the sin and violence on earth that led to the judgment of God. We need to stop and think about it for a while. How today is compared with those days of Noah? Is it the same or is it worse than then? Perhaps it may be difficult to compare the difference between the two but the intensity may be the same? But what's important is the answer to the current problems we have today. And I think what the world needs is to choose the righteousness of God and pure love among the inhabitants of the earth. By having love in the world, the violence will disappear! Remember Jackie DeShannon's song, "What the world needs now is love, sweet love"? What do you think?

  3. People who are saying that we are causing climate change, it’s obviously not true. The climate has been changing since the beginning of the earth. I think people saying “we are causing climate change” makes a perfect excuse for our governments to raise taxes, millions, and millions people will be losing their jobs, and end up being homeless, and severely limiting our rights, and freedoms!

  4. Fires in California that started and intensified were set, at least one buy a climate activist, not climate change. NBC, report the facts .

  5. Climate . It will take a Century if it recovers . Finishing the Electromagnetic studies . I'm done . Importance of Ecosystem Earth should overshadow all concerns Except human rights . Most world leaders should know . President Biden should get a New advisory panel , saw him reading teleprompter of unintelligible words . amen

  6. OK, so where are the leaders of the world? Where are their plans to fix the situation? Where are the Electric vehicle companies that would be trading there EVs for internal combustion cars? Is everybody just going to do nothing just like the leaders for the last 100 years?

  7. Eat the rich before they eat the Earth.
    Mass cultivate algae like chlorella and cyanobacteria in large facilities and desiccate/ bury them underground as they grow.
    Less then a year is all we have before it truly is impossible.

  8. There is a neat video that talks about how the US government can solve the climate change problem by building factories that mass produce equipment that makes green energy. This is the Henry Ford approach to climate change. To see this video, type it's title into google search: How the US Gov't Can Solve the Climate Change Problem for $10B/yr

  9. It’s not raining – OMG climate change. A week later, it’s raining – OMG climate change.
    The reservoirs are drying out because 30 million people are pulling water from them.

  10. OKAY, this is the most stupid conversation for people to be having !!
    FIRST—-The climate HAS ALWAYS CHANGED !!! Hence this………………
    YOU IDIOTS !!!

  11. An event of global scale will happen July 24, 2021 at 15:00GMT – the international online conference "Global Crisis. This Already Affects Everyone". We have the right to know the truth! We have a chance, uniting our efforts, to overcome the collapse of humankind together and enter the era of prosperity by building the Creative Society! On Allatra TV International Youtube Channel.

  12. My problem is not with climate change, the climate has been changing for the last 100k years from when the Earth was packed with ice and it will continue to change until this planet is consumed by the sun, broken up by a comet or completly loses its atmosphere (the moon has no climate). My problem is with you and all of your zealot zombies who think they can change the climate. CO2, a precious gas, is not causing climate change. We are at the end of a cycle, get that through your thick F-ing skull. You are either choosing to ignore the melting of those mountainous glaciers that covered a quarter of the globe, the melting of which humans had nothing to do, which makes you a liar or you believe every "scientist" who is getting beaucoup money from the feds to push a socialist agenda, which makes you a pigheaded-led-by-the-nose dope.

  13. If only the paris agreement was made in 2005 instead of 2015 we would've some chance but now there is little to no chance. If by a very small chance we manage to crack nuclear fusion before 2030 there is some hope.

  14. How can the human species be expected to adapt efficiently and effectively to the world in which we live when the reality of it, based upon science, is not seen because of the generativity and power of false, culturally sanctioned memes? Can the monoculture known as modern civilization be sensibly considered as a global cult because so many culturally sanctioned and widely shared memes lack a sufficient reality orientation and are bereft of compelling, objective scientific evidence? Cultures are cultural transmission generators. A cultural transmission or meme is a perception, value or belief that spreads virally among people who find favor in its content. Thanks to sound science, a culture presents us with many memes that are reality oriented or based upon objective, compelling evidence. But other memes that are delusory are also promulgated. From a psychological standpoint, because humans are shaped early and pervasively by memes in learning to perceive reality, it is an evolutionary challenge for humankind to see the world as it is. In the early days of a human being's life memes are deeply impressed into the young mind and set in place there years before the child has developed the intellectual capacity to objectively examine and critically question what has been transmitted by ones parents, caretakers and teachers by language and example. Individuals are who we are in large part before acquiring the cognitive capabilities to examine our culture and its widely shared, false memes. Fatally flawed memes occasionally exert more influence over the conduct of human affairs than objective correlates derived from science.

  15. Where i sit at this moment there was 1000 feet of ice over my head here in NE PA. approx 10,000 years ago,. Where did all that ice from the ice age go? Indians making fires? Climate change is cyclical and no amount to smoke and mirrors, taxes, shuck & jive voodoo economics will change that fact. Globalist fat cats have invented man made problem and instilled fear into the masses. Carbon tax credits will exceed stock transactions with a few years. The problem lies where people have settled in very low lands. That's a very big problem but unsolvable with carbon capture.

  16. Let's wrap our mines around this. Billionaires go for a joy ride into space with an estimated 1.5m pounds of fuel contributing to Global Warming. Multipled by 2 is estimated 3 million pounds of fuel blown into the atmosphere. Democrats and main stream media don't want to talk about that. They rather talk about the Joyride. Is there anyone out in space who can wrap their mines around this. i did and concluded the Democrats are full of lies and crap. This is also the reason people don't want the vaccine.According to Biden's lie it's due to false information on Facebook.
    See how the old fox trying to get away? Where are the Global Warming activists?

  17. ever since we got down from the trees, humanity had an expiring date attached to it's back, our specie can't adapt fast enough to the changes




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