Remnants of Ida pummel Northeast with extreme weather conditions

Tornado and flood warnings stretch from the Mid-Atlantic states to Maine. CBS Information transportation correspondent Errol Barnett stories from Maryland, where by many tornadoes touched down, and CBS Information meteorologist and climate specialist Jeff Berardelli joins CBSN’s Lana Zak with the most recent forecast.

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    2021년 8월 9일 오바마 60세 파티 ‘Rules for thee and not for me’: Obama cops backlash for maskless party

    미국에 홍수와 토네이도 그리고 산불의 형벌의 재앙이 내려지고 있는 상항 그리고 코로나 바이러스 돌연변이에 사람들이 죽어 나가고 경제가 파괴가 되며 사회가 혼란에 빠져 있을 때에 있었던 미국의 오바마 전 대통령의 60세 파티. 미국과 한국의 방송국들의 뉴스와 언론은 이것에 대해서 말을 하지 않고 있다.

    미국은 더 이상 민주주의 나라가 아니다. 개발도상국도 못되는 부정부패와 불법의 자칭 나라인 미국의 식민지 '한국'과 같다고 생각을 하면 된다.

    미국의 CNN 방송국의 받아쓰기 뉴스 보도와 언론을 가지고 있는 한국. Thousands of residents remain under evacuation orders in Northern California 2021. 8. 12.

    California Wildfires: Dixie Fire Wednesday evening update

    2021. 8. 12.

    Hospitals at the brink as Covid cases climb, Dixie fire consumes nearly 500,000 acres, and Taliban advance on major Afghan city.

    NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – August 8th, 2021


    US open investigation of criminal Barack Hussein Obama !

    obama was via @YouTube

    버락 후세인 오바마의 충격적인 과거

    미국은 범죄자인 버락 후세인 오바마를 공개 수사를 하여라

    What did Obama in America do for black people in 8 years?

    Only he is shouting 'I can do it'.

    Was he dreaming of becoming a comedian?

    He doesn't seem to be able to do that. If he weren't the president, would he really make people laugh?

    Was President Obama's mother white?

    Obama of the United States is a citizen of the United States because his mother was an American citizen, right?


    This is retaliation between Hillary and House Speaker Palosi for Trump.

    It's a retaliation for Trump's saying four years ago that he's imprisoning Hillary. Trump had to imprison Hillary at my command. But he did not work. It is Trump's mistake not to follow GOD's orders.

    Biden's vice president, Harris, used the phrase'I have a dream' (Martin Luther King) in the Democratic Party's primary. And she is the one who said she would make that dream come true.

    When I said that Obama had already been president for eight years and that Obama did nothing for the black man, she didn't speak any more. Harris is not black. She is Indian and Indonesian.

    But Obama put Harris next to Biden and she became Vice President. The United States must now obey the orders of mixed-race children in India and Indonesia.

    이것은 힐러리와 하원의장인 팰로시에 보복이다.

    트럼프가 힐러리를 구속을 시킨다고 4년전부터 말을 한 것에 대한 보복인 것이다. 트럼프는 나의 명령대로 힐러리를 구속을 시켜야만 했다. 신의 명령을 따르지 않은 것이 트럼프의 실수이다. 바이든의 부통령인 해리스는 민주당의 경선에서 '나에게는 꿈이 있다'는말을 이용을 하여서 자신이 그 꿈을 이루겠다고 말을 한 사람이다. 이미 오바마가 8년동안 대통령을 했고 오바마가 흑인을 위해서 한 것이 아무것도 없다고 내가 말을 하자 그는 더 이상 말을 하지 않았다. 해리스는 흑인이 아니다. 인도와 인도네시아인이다.

    그러나 오바마가 해리스를 바이든의 옆에 있게 하여서 부통령이 된 것이다. 미국은 이제 인도와 인도네시아의 혼혈아의 명령을 따라야 한다.

    ============================== Continu

    In conclusion, Biden, a Democrat of the United States, cannot become president with evidence on the crime of corruption in the presidential election.

    TV, radio, Hollywood, and all those involved in crime

    Groups and criminals are open, thorough and frightening punishments

    You must receive.

    In addition, by applying the Patriotic Law, the Broadcasting Law, the Religious Law and all the laws, criminals must be thoroughly punished, and they must be made so that they can no longer engage in activities in society.

    American criminals have sufficiently confusing and destroying nations and societies, and killing people in the pains of life. In addition, criminals in the United States are committing crimes along with murderers in Korean broadcasting stations, influencing crimes of evil power in the United States and Korean society. (The criminals'Mang Won')

    The United States can no longer be the world's leader unless the punishments for criminals are immediately implemented, and it is not entitled to speak not only of democracy, but also of basic moral and ethical lives.

    Naturally, common sense is that all Democrats and Democrats, including the Speaker of the House of Representatives in the House of Representatives, must be subject to ethical and legal investigation and punishment. All criminals who are connected to criminals must also be punished.

    Unconditionally, the Democratic Party's Biden was defeated by a criminal presidential election, and naturally Republican Trump must become president again. There is no need to run the presidential election again. That is common sense and law. There is no need to speak any more.

    ● Check the date of news ….. ;

    "Trump reelection probability 4%", Economist's US presidential election D-2 analysis. 2020.11.01. news /

    Corona virus 19 will not go away until these things are released. Murderers of South korean and American must be disclosed. Also, must be brutally and openly punish all crimes of them. Naturally all families of them, too. by Prophet Yi /


    America has to fight for her.

    She's nothing but a person like you. And you have to fight for someone better than you. She is you and the face to your country.


    #CNNTapes: Jeff Zucker Labels Donald Trump A Bigger Threat To National Security Than Voter Fraud (2020. 12. 2)

    Kayleigh McEnany


    Again, I warning you <the management and staff of Twitter>

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    Biden wanted to become president in order to hide the crime for himself and his son. Naturally, he wants to use the power of ex officio so that he and his son are not punished by the law for crimes. Bill Clinton and Hillary, and Bush and Obama are in the same situation as Biden.

    바이든이 대통령이 되기를 원했던 것은 자신과 자신의 아들에 범행을 숨기기 위해서이다. 당연히 그는 직권남용의 권력을 사용을 하여서 자신과 자신의 아들에 범죄에 대한 법에 처벌을 받지 않기를 원하고 있다. 빌 클린턴과 힐러리 그리고 부시와 오바마도 바이든과 같은 상황이다.

    For Biden of the United States, a strong countermeasure against China is a drama of lies and manipulation to be shown only to people. Already, Biden of the US is signing laws and policies for China.

    It will be very easy for you and your family to beg to die in the pain of God's punishment, Coronavirus 19 and mutations.

  2. Пора всем людям помочь друг другу, открыть свои сердца и стать одной семьей, одним человечеством. У всех нас есть только один враг – консьюмеризм с его деньгами наверху. Мы можем объединиться и начать строить новый мир для каждого из нас – Творческое общество, на вершине которого находится жизнь человека. И мы сможем выжить как цивилизация в этот тяжелый период нарастающих глобальных катаклизмов.

  3. Its funny to me when they say record breaking storm or natural disaster. Why because these kinds of storms are supposed to be rare but it seems like we are getting several record breakers every single year and on this course in just a few years time we will be seeing what was once known as 100 year storm events but every single year breaking the records of the previous year. Pretty soon the repeated damage caused by these natural events will out pace our ability to repair the damage & our great infrastructure will crumble.

    I feel like we were warned this would happen over and over for many decades now but its happening faster than originally predicted thanks to natural feedback loops & the nay saying lobbyists with endless pockets to ensure business as usual. Its ok just keep telling yourself that until your either burned alive, underwater or a displaced refugee hanging on by a thread of hope.

    I still think we should start naming these storms after fortune 500 companies and when we run out of them we start using the names of their CEO's. For the top 1% are responsible for roughly 80% of pollution & greenhouse gasses. Oh but they wont because these news outlets are owned by those companies. The West is on fire while the east is underwater. Pretty soon your beach front properties will be permanently underwater. Originally I was expecting this in 50-100 years but at the rate we are going its probably more like 20-30.

  4. Jesus Christ died for sinners including you, on the cross with his own blood for your personal sins, repent and get saved or perish with the lost wicked world. God's word is coming to pass, it will only go downhill

  5. You call it Ida,I call it God.Iraq,Afghanistan Syria.How many people's life you have estinguished America?What goes around comes around and all these thing that is happening to you is no coincidential.God is coming at you like "A thief on the night"The horrors you had brought into the life of other people are creeping on you,with no mercy

  6. That much water dumping on the Feed streams and rivers into the Potomac River and Pennsylvania. Will bring mass flooding from Harper’s Ferry where Shenandoah flows in at Harper’s Ferry, from there downstream to Chesapeake expect massive river flooding . Always happened when hurricanes of any large size dumped on the mid-Atlantic. WashDC , Alexandria North will have streets flooded.

  7. While CBS completely ignores the parade of Taliban driving in U.S. military vehicles and piloting blackhawk helicopters among the $85 billion in military equipment Biden gave to a terrorist misogynist American-hating group.

  8. People ? need to be prepared for emergency rations, medicines and water. Also, make sure that you have batteries or power supply access. Also, keep a radio and all emergency numbers including FEMA and local police and hospital numbers. Keep listening to the latest local weather reports where you are. Download weather App on to your smartphones.

  9. Thank you very much I'm Liza Laxamana Mangubat Calapandayan Subic Zambales Philippines 2209 I'm Support, I want to go there. I'm very sorry I'm not understand I'm very sorry Thank you very much and God bless

  10. A Japanese mutation of the delta-mutated novel coronavirus, which is raging with a higher infectivity than before, was confirmed for the first time.

    This mutation is characterized by adding a structural mutation similar to the delta mutation (L452R) and the alpha mutation (N501Y), which was first discovered in England and became popular at the beginning of the year. Only 8 cases have been reported worldwide.

    "The patient has no overseas travel history," the Tokyo University of Medicine and Dental University explained.

    The research team said that additional research is needed to determine whether the mutation is not significantly related to the current spread of coronavirus in Japan and has a higher risk of infectivity and aggravation.

  11. I think this pandemic has taught people the importance of multiple streams of income, unfortunately having a job doesn't mean security rather having different investments is the real deal.

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