Reasonable Hazard OF Severe Temperature Serious DERECHO Party Across THE SOUTH When All over again

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  1. Hey Khalil, me, Stacy, and Christopher are spending quality time at our Gatlinburg cabin! Me and Christopher went fishing in the nearby river! Christopher caught him 5 big ole trouts! I was so proud of Christopher! My wife Stacy cooked all that fish for dinner! Stacy is a really wonderful cook! All that fish made for such a terrific dinner! We got our bellies full for sure! Me, Stacy, and Christopher are Wii bowling right now! It’s a challenge since Stacy and Christopher are very good at Wii bowling!

  2. Luckily here we aren’t going to get a derecho effect it looks like…. but we are calling for thunderstorms from 8-9 PM. So far there is no severe thunderstorm watch or warning issued



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