Really Energetic Weather Pattern = Tornadoes, Flooding, Snowstorms!!!

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Josh’s Extreme Temperature discusses what the following 30 times look like, and who could eventually see some considerable snowfall! Also, serious temperature and flooding will keep on to effect a lot of in the South, and he will go into much more element on what to anticipate.

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  1. Hey Josh… Just curious… Coming from LA, Going to school at Penn St., and living in the Carolinas… Who do you like/following in the NFL?… God Bless You, Brother!

  2. yeah God don't want these disasters to happen and yeah the enemy wants these disasters to happen but at the same time God is sending these disasters like he had send the flood back in the time of Noah was alive bcuz this world is full sin and wickedness and he send fire from the sky to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah bcuz of sin and wickedness yeah he didn't want those horrible disasters to happen back then either
    but he had to send those horrible disasters bcuz there was sin and wickedness back then also
    plus these disasters are signs of the world coming to an end & signs of his coming & signs of the new and perfect world coming known as Paradise

  3. I’m near Cincinnati, Ohio and it’s fun watching the 10 day forecasts go from .5” of snow to 6” snow then back to no snow then back to 6” of snow (current 10 day).

    Hoping for 12 inches of snow. Licka boom boom down.

  4. Waiting for El Niño to come back. I heard gonna come back on Summer 2023 in Texas and that's a good news that we need rain, and for upcoming hurricane season 2023 might be lesser so that's great news for the U.S.

  5. Most people downplayed the bad tornadoes in AL and GA last week. You did a great job with your forecasts. You didnt downplay them. You deserve some credit for that! Thanks for the in depth look at the weather every day. Its much appreciated.




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