Provincewide state of emergency for Nova Scotia in wake of extreme rain event

Provincewide state of emergency for Nova Scotia in wake of extreme rain event 7

A provincewide state of emergency was declared in Nova Scotia late Saturday as much of the province has been dealing with severe flooding and impassable roads after torrential downpours swept in overnight Friday and into Saturday.

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  1. Praying for all in Nova Scotia. My parents would travel to Canada back
    in the early Sixties. Even as young as I was I remember being in Halifax
    and taking the Bluenose over from Bar Harbor. Be safe and have faith
    everyone. From Philadelphia.

  2. Will Nova Scotians be getting more extensive coverage after the weekend is over? Or is the advice to "stay off the roads" limiting coverage?
    Thank anyway CBC Nova Scotia for atleast allowing comments on this video.

  3. Because in Canada nobody knows how to build drainage systems.
    Infrastructure is sooo cheap.
    Because instead of building good infrastructure money goes to officials pockets.
    Instead to spend money on promoting lgbt perversions and drugs , you would better start to build good infrastructure with good drainage system.

  4. Mother Nature took care of your wildfires…That is what she does…Nothing to do with the Climate.?????Why were people out in the storm…Did the Media warn people not to go out into that storm?

  5. January 2023 , Earth was 1.2 C above pre industrial global average , predicted to hit 1.5 C , the " Paris target" for 2100, with the next El Nino event ( IPCC AR6 , Synthesis , 2023 ) WMO declares El Nino event June 2023 . Holding to 1.5 C is key to maintaining a climate capable of sustaining civilization , IPCC Special Report on 1.5 C , 2018 . Owing to its structure, the IPCC is extremely conservative in its predictions .

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