Prepare NOW For Extraordinary Storms! Intense Weather conditions on the way, Warmth wave, Insane Summer months Sample

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Prepare NOW For Extreme Storms! Intense Weather conditions on the way, Heat wave, Insane Summer season Sample

#Weather #Forecast #information

Intro: :00
Recent Conditions: :07
Future Sample: 5:01
Full Rainfall: 8:29
Upcoming Snowfall: 8:53
Approaching Temperature Sample: 9:14
Extreme Climate: 13:25

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**Normally BE Absolutely sure TO Seek out Official GUIDENCE FROM THE NWS AND OR THE NHC IN THE Scenario OF A Harmful OR Everyday living THREATENING Event**


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  2. I am going to unsubscribe after watching this video. Headline is: "Prepare NOW For Extreme Storms! Severe Weather on the way, Heat wave, Insane Summer Pattern." Only problem is, nothing in what you report supports this New York Post Tabloid kinda headline. We all realize you are competing for viewers and subscribers, but I have noted this tendency over the past year in your reporting to scream 'mayday mayday' to garner and secure more followers. Sorry, Weatherman DW, this just won't do. As you yourself admit multiple times in the course of this video, the models are all over the place. Your placative headline just doesn't by any stretch of the imagination, pass muster. You started out–what? two years ago?–doing such great stuff, built on science and your own sense of propriety. That sense may still be present (I will not comment but others may) but your headlines are just bosh, just trash. You need this harsh public feedback to begin to be more honest with your viewers. We know it is the weather. Really, now, dear DW Weatherman, you can do better and that is exactly what we, your listeners and viewers, henceforth expect and demand from you. Be well. Do better. You can do it. You will. That's why we love you. So get it together, pleze.

  3. Thunder storms in Oregon mean forest fires. Wonder about California. Probably the same except if the storm stays over the city. Thank you for all your work. ♥ ♥ ♥

  4. The models can't keep up BECAUSE I KEEP CHANGING THE PRESSURE.

    Everyday, I have been doing yard work, specifically identifying and neutralizing heat collectors.

    I have been continuously lowering my thermal footprint, which lowers the pressure and increases the efficiency of the entire Colorado River Basin's cooling and ventilation system.

    My thermal footprint is very minimal now. There are a few more things that I can do in the future, but that's almost all that I can do immediately. There are one or two things that I could do today. 😉



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