Possible tornadoes cause extensive damage, dozens of injuries in Delaware, Randolph counties

Up to 50% of the structures in Selma were reported damaged in the storms Thursday.. 13Sunrise team coverage on the storm damage in Randolph and Delaware counties for Friday, March 15, 2024.

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  1. This is why people are fed up with the Fake News. Nothing POSSIBLE about this!!! . It was a TORNADO, If This News Station is Stupidly Dumb to recognize Tornado Damage they Cant be Trusted with any news, Fire them all and close the Doors. Those Pictures you Showed ARE TORNADOES IDIOTS,

  2. Superintendent Carter's opinion of, 'if you find something it's not yours' …. Is not accurate, according to Indiana law…i assume they have a gun store that blew guns and ammunition everywhere ??? But, this news source is not reporting…

  3. What they're not telling us is that while we assumed we knew the devious reasons behind the borders being left open and while people are falling for their schemes to divide the citizens with any number of agendas, 100,000 migrant children have gone "missing".

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  5. Worldwide destruction is so sad not one country is being spared it's like mankind being punished for his evil deeds ever since the war in Ukraine started the world has been being torn apart every time a bomb is dropped destruction happens somewhere else what's going around comes right back around I guess this is how weather warfare is played every action has an equal and opposite reaction you have brought this destruction upon yourselves there are consequences for your actions you used to know this you have forgotten more lost ancient knowledge time to put the cities back underground until mankind learns do not attack each other the destruction will come back to you

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