Poppy And Apple Blossoms 罂粟和苹果花

Poppy And Apple Blossoms 罂粟和苹果花

Poppy And Apple Blossoms 罂粟和苹果花

By Daniel Arrhakis / 丹尼尔·红龙 (2021)

With the music : Track title: 一拜天地 Prayer to Heaven and Earth
Music by: 黃師傅HBY、Mzf小慕
Performed by: 昱錚-Yuzheng

A creative Asian dreaming nature made with images of mine and stock images.

I dedicate this work to the people of China in this difficult moments where unusually heavy rains engulfed roads and bridges, flooding towns and cities in central China.
The extreme weather has killed 33 people, displaced 250,000 ……


Wish to all my friends a Wonderful Final of The Week And Weekend ! : )

Thank you for your kind visit, comments and invitations, i will try to catching up during these next days in comments, challenges and groups …

Posted by Daniel Arrhakis – Visual Arts on 2021-07-23 04:19:48

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