People VS Mother Nature

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In this compilation video, we have a look at some incredible clips of mother nature doing what she does best.

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  1. 5:32 – I've seen videos of places like that. The rope is not for fencing. Sometimes, snowstorms in Antarctica are so powerful that they need the line to find their way around. Without it, the scientists are blind. However, it seems a bit dangerous to be walking along the line without a carabiner attached to their belt.

  2. La intensidad de estos desastres naturales es simplemente alucinante. ¡Este video es imprescindible para quienes buscan emociones fuertes y entusiastas de la naturaleza!

  3. The weather station staff on Mount Washington get to experience conditions like these all the time. Take the cog railway to the top if you don't want to drive up there. It is an amazing place.




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