Pebble Beach Sunset

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Pebble Beach Sunset

Location: Scarborough beach near Misty Cliffs.

Description: Here is another Vertorama from Tuesday’s photo-shoot with Andre.

So here’s a (not so) hypothetical question for you…

You’re out on a shoot with a friend, walking along the beach and snapping away at whatever takes your fancy… when you suddenly notice that your shooting-partner has discovered what appears to be the ideal spot for the perfect composition. When you amble over to where he is busy setting up his tripod, you realise that he is standing… exactly where you want to be!

Would you…

A) Set up your tripod right next to his, and shoot the same composition as best you can.
B) Wait till he has taken his shots, and then grab the spot as soon as he moves away.
C) Walk in front of his lens, throw stones, and do anything possible to chase him away.
D) Return to the exact same location another day, when your friend isn’t around.
E) None of the above… try to find the next-best composition.

Well, although I would have loved to have composed this pebble-beach scene from the exact spot that Andre had chosen (he had some very cool, sunlit rocks in the foreground)… and although I did contemplate all the other available options… I decided to settle for the last one!! 🙂

What would you have done?

Click here to view this one large.
Click here to check out my Vertorama tutorial.

Equipment: Nikon D300 (Sigma 10-20mm)

Date: December 2008

Posted by Panorama Paul

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