On The Dot: Climate Change Causing Extreme Weather Conditions Across The Country

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  1. Its better than a global ice age.
    we are 1,000 to 3,000 years overdue for another ice age, which could be upon us, if it weren't for mankind's activity.

  2. What nonsense this was going on I always remember this from my childhood

    Dangers that people don't realize are dangers:




    Childhood Vaccines

    Air Fresheners

    Birth Control

    Processed foods

    Electrical Pollution

    Pharma drugs

    What did I miss?

  3. In order to just convert the transportation and heating sector to electric In order to run them on renewables) we would have to increase the grid in the order of 3-4X it's current size.

    Just the labor involved in doing that would require expanding the electrical engineering work force 3-5X. Training times for all these new engineers and specialized labor is roughly 10 years. All of these imaginary workers, who would magically acquire the specialized skills overnight would have to work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for 30 years to install the infrastructure to just convert transport and heating to electric.

    First off where are we going to get all these electrical engineers, and specialized laborers? How are we going to train them quickly enough to implement net 0 by 2050?

    And this hurdle is microscopic compared to all the material that will need to be mined, refined and transported to achieve this impossible target.

    Is it clear yet that this is just another political scam with absolutely no chance of ever happening in the real world?

    The world runs on diesel, oil and natural gas. In 50 years it's still going to be running on diesel, oil and natural gas. We've had "green" technology for almost 100 years. If it was scalable, reliable, and cost effective it would have naturally replaced fossil fuels decades ago. We never had to "mandate" petroleum to replace whale oil. It was simply a better energy source and the world naturally transitioned.


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