NOAA: Serious climate and disasters value the U.S. billions in 2019

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The Nationwide Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s annual weather report states the U.S. expert an additional year of extraordinary climate in 2019. CBS Information meteorologist and local climate expert Jeff Berardeli joins CBSN to talk about the report.

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  1. No mention of that massive thermonuclear reactor that can fit earth inside of it 1,300,000 times just 8 light minutes from us affecting the weather?

  2. Guess what!! Nearly every one of my 60 year there's been some kind of "record years" of shine weather phenomenon.
    The 70's saw horrific tornadoes, the North East where I live saw brutally cold winters.
    Notice how the "expert" says the " extreme" weather won't be in the same place every year. Just like it's been since we started keeping records. Every year some place has experienced strange weather in like forever….

  3. In Holland ( Europe) stil spring , much to warm, 14 graden Celcius above normal. No Freezing , iT should. We see much Flowers ,…. In winter….

  4. Yes, just ignore the math and keep lying, CBS.
    It cost billions, what's your answer? Green New Deal, aka pure stupidity?
    That would cost trillions.
    Learn some math.

  5. USA time to focus on natural disasters ,influenced other countries to concern about it &take an effective measures
    Not focusing on creating disasters in middle east ,leave middle east if u really want peace
    Bcz u r the only nation who is major threat of world peace
    Destroy Japan, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya



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