Ninth series of Paradise in Paradise

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Ninth series of Paradise in Paradise

In the 1980’s favorite tourist destinations east Java there are only 2: Ngliyep Beach, Village Kedungsalam, Donomulyo and Popoh Beach, Tulungagung. It was in those years, yet traveled if not a visit to one of the two beach. Not to be proud if you have never visited Ngliyep and Popoh. Ngliyep coast, which began officially opened in 1951 it was pretty legendary.

However, the triumph Ngliyep was now just a thing of the past. Ngliyep conditions are much different now. Ngliyep and Popoh equally alarming. Ngliyep might still be alive, although reluctant to be called a living will not die. But the tour Popoh is really a "corpse" problem is the same, namely the land dispute between the government Perhutanioffice.

Because of the dispute is the region, the fate of beach Ngliyep increasingly unclear. In fact, the beach is still worth selling. Having panorama is quite beautiful, has a stretch of soft white sand, play areas overgrown area with shady trees. Even the rhythm of the waves was quite interesting to be enjoyed.

Seaweed on the Ngliyep Beach, seaweed-colored sorrel growing on coastal rocks on the beach Ngliyep is ready to be harvested by local fishermen. I so enjoyed this beach to not feel my legs bitten many small insects that populated shore, the wound that caused the very imprint in the form of small spots are red and itchy. But it is not an obstacle to keep fighting find unique and interesting moments.

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