Nine Lives

Nine Lives

Cattails sway about madly as extreme winds blow in behind a late autumn cold front. I love experiencing rapid weather changes brought on by storms. There’s a feeling of disarray, both in the landscape and sky, as air masses collide. Vast amounts of energy are released in the process, an abundant source of creative motivation just waiting to be tapped.

Out in this open meadow, the gusty wind was whipping everything around me into a continuous blur. Very difficult to focus the eye on any one thing when everything is in motion. Photography truly becomes more of a shoot by feel process rather than one of looking through viewfinder. As is often the case, I’m responding more to how the scene makes me feel rather than how it actually looks.

The cattails delineate an impassable boundary for me. Stems from an irrational fear of snakes. Even as a child, I equated cattails with marshes and wetlands and a high probability of harboring snakes. Even with snakes in hibernation in this freezing cold air, the tangle of overgrowth and the certainty of sinking into mud in the still soft earth was more than enough to deter me. Still I lingered on the verge; the scene almost comically bleak, the sky a dark shade or murder gray.

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