New Zealand sees climate records broken from extreme weather patterns

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New Zealand has seen climate records smashed throughout summer as the latest statistics reveal extreme weather patterns across both islands.

February saw one of the worst weather disasters ever recorded, but meteorologists say more neutral conditions are on the way.


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  1. And the narcissistic morons in charge of their respective countries seem to think they can fix the weather if we just throw more money at it and people suffer with unreliable energy…🙄

  2. Calms, pauses, whatever. Keep making up weather trends without including the sun. Lie some more to them.
    When the magnetosphere is at its weakest.. EVERYTHING the sun does affects the planets. Keep hiding all the climate changes on all of the planets. When the flash ends the modern and civilized world.. they wont hear you anymore anyway. And when the oceans come for them all it will be too late.

  3. According to Tony Heller we've got record snow right now all around the world. I'd take more notice of him over NIWA and their missing data.

  4. If you want to know real facts and truth I suggest you watch suspicious observers YouTube channel. Ben does daily reports and has many videos and information both on space weather and the earth. He knows his stuff and is an ex NASA physicist. He shows and tells new reports that debunk a lot of what the media say.

  5. And not a mention of the eruption that put huge amounts of water vapor (a green house gas ) into the stratosphere__ guess it didn't suit the fear narrative of the left. Yes volcanoes do affect weather read some history if you doubt me.

  6. Global warming causes the jet stream to slow down and rain bombs to hang around for longer.
    The Earth's ice is declining very rapidly because of global warming.
    * The Arctic's summer sea ice declined by an alarming 71% from 17,000 km3 in Sep 1979 to only 5,000 km3 in Sep 2022.
    * The Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) satellites and GRACE Follow-On found that between 2002 and 2020, Antarctica shed approximately 151 gigatons (151 km3) of ice per year and Greenland shed approximately 277 gigatons of ice per year." grace jpl nasa gov



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