New Breed of Storms (Full Episode) | Storm Growing

An early hurricane season generates chaos in Twister Alley as Reed and Mike race to seize precious info from the hazardous new weather routine that would seem to be getting keep.

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New Breed of Storms (Complete Episode) | Storm Growing

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  1. Way to go Reed n Mike, Tim would be proud of you guys for this and what you have to offer the meteorological community. Bravo!

  2. The guy recording the two foot section of chain hitting the ground and editing it in post with shots of broken windshields better have been paid decently. There's nothing but sensationalism here, but i guess it was captivating enough for me to not bother leaning forward to change the video for two-thirds of it. Seriously, though, foleys?!? ugh…m

  3. Eggs are like a little multi vitamin. They are rich in choline, that helps keep the brain sharp! Cholesterol is like oil keeping the arteries lubricated. Tornadoes that don't cause destruction are great for producing free dopamine. ?

  4. Like the movie, few people chasing tornados wanting to put their invention in the path, even included the cows, but not flying feeding.
    No love interest but still close.l

  5. The dramatic editing is awful. Your editors needs to lay off the drama reality tv angle. I mean I get there is an audience for this style but this is not the content for it.

  6. What new climate regime. Just bowing to the new climate change regime for more sponsorship huh? Now that's not a sell out. That liars, paid liars. They can't get real scientists to legitimize climate change by blaming storms fully on climate change so they'll get storm spotters to do it.

    Nice van! All the equipment new also?

  7. I never understand why people in the weather field seem to don't know about haarp WEATHER CO. TOOL-
    IT'S not something that's hiding–in fact there two more made in Texas. Then we have cloud seeding airplanes
    all over the nation. this so-called climate change is bs—mother planet is working fine. other than someone playing God with the tools..

  8. I love when people have this much passion in a hobbie. It's a beautiful thing to watch and you will become interested in things you never knew you would because of their passion


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