Nebraska Extreme Temperature! Tornado WATCHES / Gravity WAVES Detected on Satellite?

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Could 29 2022 #nebraska #extremeweather #tornado
Nebraska Severe Temperature! Twister WATCHES / Gravity WAVES Detected on Satellite


#intense #extremeweather #lightning #weather #weatherwtf

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  1. they saw today 2 diverend images while boths are right❤
    but they saw the directionalfieldflow towart boths polars of aroind the core of the darthole
    ❤ boths polars the same singel polarity from the core below❤ and upper layers are the operside direction do the the gravatron above the outstream❤

  2. Great video! … except I gotta say, Mike, you cut out my favorite music at the very end. I've become quite fond of it and, for whatever reason, I find it to be rather comforting. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  3. AMAZING DAYS 🌪️ WINDS blowing 35-40+last two days , freaky lil rains off an on and still,, at night inn N/E iowa. ✈️✈️ yesterday evening 🤔🧐 what's next . No harley time in 😤. Thanks for the update brother Mike! 🙏⚖️🇺🇲🇨🇦🌎

  4. @Daily Events Worldwide
    What is gravity if not the forces of opposition and attraction from our planets Double Torus Magnetosphere which is powered by our Sun's Double Torus magnetosphere which is powered by our galaxies Double Torus Nucleus. As it is above so it is below. Notice the solar flares on our sun are exactly where our Tropic of Cancer & Capricorn are? Never the twain shall meet as long as there are precious metal magnetic ISOLATORS there.

    "The TRUTH shall set humanity FREE." but the truth is inconvenient (Precession, Baby Boomer Bust) and most would rather the comfortable LIES (Covid, CO2)

    The GALACTIC Milankovitch cycles cause climate trends Obliquity, Cataclysms Precession with the 235,000 year rotation of the galactic bulge being the outside force Eccentricity. Antikythera device, deep sea core samples, ice core samples & geological evidence confirm these TIMINGS.

    Every 12,000 years half the Great Year, Magnetic North, Precession of the 7 north stars Jesus held in his hand to warn us our solar system eclipses our galaxies Double torus magnetic plane for a 1,000 years causing the END TIMES birthing pains culminating with the oceans being pulled around the planet east to west at 800 mph at the equator or if you like Mother Earths WATER breaking as in the days of Noah.

    Crossing the center of the galaxies Double Torus galactic plain Eye of RA will & is causing EMP pillars of fire/lightning, Oort cloud comets, 100 lb Talen sized hail, increased intensity frequency of tornadoes, volcanoes, earth quakes, hurricanes/Cyclones and these are just the birthing pains.

    Mother Earth's WATER won't break with the oceans being pulled around the planet around 800 mph at the equator every 40 years when the planets are in conjunction for the millennia it takes to eclipsed the Milky Way snake in the sky.

    TicTok we have until the 2033 conjunction of the planets before Mother Earth's WATER breaks & every 40 years thereafter.

    "All shall seek shelter under rocks or in caves." Musk Boring company.

    "The meek hunter gatherers shall inherit the earth>" after the Great Year RESETS it.

    Ezekiel Musk VTVL rocket ARKs.

    Ezekiel Musk decentralized solar energy electric cars.

    Trump's wall but Bigger & further north & more like the CARNAC stones.


    Praise Jesus because he warned us & unites us all & united the Brood of Vipers can't Divide & Conquer humanity along race, creed, class & religion in these the END TIMES due to crossing the center of the Galaxies Nucleus Eye of Ra, Milky Way snake in the sky.



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