National Lineup

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National Lineup

A familiar sight at most dealers in the late 90’s would be a lineup of Nationals that had been withdrawn by the major groups and were awaiting their fate. Seen here are ex-Stagecoach Hants and Sussex and new to Alder Valley HPK 503N, new to United Counties GVV 887N, new to Alder Valley KPA 388P and new to Crosville WFM 815L. All vehicles were to find further owners, although all were later scrapped. HPK 503N passed to Dave King of Reading for preservation and thence to Palaeobus who stripped it for spares in 2005. GVV 887N passed to several preservation owners in the Luton area and was quickly scrapped. KPA 388P passed to John Hammond of Biggleswade for use as spares and was scrapped. I do not know what finally became of WFM 815L, perhaps someone can tell me? All are seen at Mike Nash’s Cobham facility on 24th October 1999.

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