National Guard

National Guard

Two Nottingham City Transport Leyland Nationals pull up ouside the Victoria Centre. In front is 731, a 48 seater, and forming the rearguard in an advertising livery for Army Careers is 724 (FAU724L), a shorter 40 seater. Both were new in 1973

Also visible is a Transit Luton. Where have all the Luton vans gone? I have happy memories of driving one of these slightly top-heavy feeling conveyances around Edinburgh for the Festival Society at about this time. The bodies seemed to made mostly of aluminium and hardboard. They could swallow unlikely volumes of cargo.

Finally, just visible on the pub in the background, is the the name of Shipstones Brewery. I believe I only once sampled their wares – possibly during this visit – and it must have been good as I remember it yet.

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