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National Geographic

A bit of a failure, this. Still, one of the few pics of my self that I kinda like. Rather, I like everything about it *except* for my eyes. I’m not really cross-eyed, but when you’re looking that closely… well, to be sure: in the future, I will look further into the distance.

National Geographic is the standard for photos that I usually aim for. The photographers astound me, as does most of the writing. We get the magazine courtesy of my Grandparents, who this is dedicated to. I cannot read an issue without thinking of them.

Strobist: 1 flash to rear, at 1/32nd with blue gel. 1 flash hidden behind the magazine, at 1/16th, reflected off of the text (creating the light on my face). I flash, snooted, at 1/16th to camera right, aimed at the magazine.

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