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Ararajuba is a Psittaciforme, also known as Guaruba, Guarajuba, Tanajuba, Aiurujuba, Ajurujuba, Marajuba, Ajurujubacanga, Guarujuba and Imperial parrot.

Its scientific name means: do (tupi) Guarajúba = yellowish bird.

It measures about 34cm in length and weighs around 255g. Ararajuba has the colors of the Brazilian flag (yellow with green wing tips), so it is considered the best alternative to be chosen as a National Ave. It is a species without sexual dimorphism.

It feeds on seeds, oily fruits, fruits and flowers.
It looks for tall, hollow trees to build its nests, inside a deep chamber that prevents predators such as toucans. In this place, they lay two to three eggs that are incubated for approximately 30 days, not only by the parents, but also by other individuals in the flock. These “helpers” also collaborate in the care of the puppies until they become adults.

Inhabits the canopy of tall humid forests. It is quite social, including in the reproductive period, living in flocks of 4 to 10 individuals. It is precisely in the areas where the species occurs that the highest rates of deforestation in the Amazon for the formation of pastures are verified. Thus, the loss of their habitat is one of the main threats that jeopardize the survival of these birds. The trafficking of wild birds is another factor that significantly contributes to the reduction of these individuals in the wild.

Found exclusively in Brazil, from western Maranhão to southeastern Amazonas, and always south of the Amazon River and east of the Madeira River. There are occasional records in the 1990s in the northeast of Rondônia and the extreme north of Mato Grosso.

Taken at BioPark/ Rio de Janeiro

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