NASA | Request A Local climate Scientist – Extreme Temperature and World wide Warming

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Is the frequency of extraordinary weather occasions a signal that world warming is attaining speed and exceeding predictions?

Bill Patzert, a scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, suggests the proof that extraordinary temperature activities have been a lot more regular in modern decades is surely to the contrary. “The United States has usually had excessive temperature. We glance back on our weather history. It is been punishing: floods, droughts tornadoes, hurricanes, terrific forest fires. Is world warming taking place? No doubt about it. We’re dwelling in a warmer planet, we’re dwelling in a melting globe, sea stages are mounting. (

“Now, direct evidence of the footprint or the fingerprint of international warming: we are seeing additional recurrent, additional intensive, and longer lasting warmth waves. As significantly as hurricanes, tornadoes, forest fires, floods, and drought, the evidence is unquestionably not in. The consensus among just about all scientists is that it can be a compact fingerprint, not a huge footprint.

“But what is real is that in this country, in the United States, we reside in several regions with fantastic possibility to drought, to tornadoes, to hurricanes, and so part of the dialogue is not only serious weather conditions and worldwide warming, but is the quantity of hazard we can tolerate. Now seeking to the long term, international adjust, world-wide warming – it absolutely is accelerating and it will have an impact on severe climate, but at this position, not significantly.”

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  1. Where I live was covered in ice about 10k years ago…2k years ago the place was covered in trees and water…a lot of climate change indeed….and no Industrial Revolution.

  2. Check out Tony Heller on YouTube. He uses official NOAA raw temperature data (public domain & available to everyone) to test these crazy claims. Tony is the most dangerous person on YouTube. A geologist who knows the past history of earth's climate.

  3. Thanks to Chem trails, HAARP and weather manipulation along with DEWs starting all magically simultaneous forrest fighters. All to speciously create a crisis to funnel our tax dollars. They haven’t done anything to prevent it with the millions paid into it annually so where the hell is all our money going?! In the pockets of DNC inbreds.

  4. We've been measuring heat and humidity for centuries. The trends didn't change after the industrial revolution. Raise CO2 levels. Plants will lose less water as vapor, and we might be able to bring the average temperature of the planet down a quarter of a degree. Won't that be nice?

  5. "Observations throughout the world make it clear that climate change is occurring, and rigorous scientific research demonstrates that the greenhouse gases emitted by human activities are the primary driver." (2009) this was in the link they provided

  6. lol, ok, consider the word Global, then ask why did he only mention the weather in the united states? also, the 'heat wave we've just had, isnt even in the top 50 of the hottest heat waves in the last 150 years ffs.

  7. I like how dumb peoples are this vidoe was uploaded 6 years ago

    Not that relevant in todays time there are people who live on island that are currently getting drowned by rising water

  8. In order to get his next grant he'd better add in just a bit of doom and gloom! The facts are though that more CO2 and some global warming has overwhelmingly positive benefits, with a FEW relatively minor downsides.



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