Mountain Sheep

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Mountain Sheep

We spent 6 days exploring roads, lakes and mountains in the Cariboo – Chilcotin region.

Churn Creek Protected Area includes some of British Columbia’s rarest ecosystems – low, middle and high elevation bunchgrass grasslands. This unique and fragile landscape provides habitat for a diversity of rare flora and fauna. These grasslands can be viewed and accessed on existing cow trails and old roads. However, the trails are unmarked and unmaintained. The Protected Area abuts the west bank of the Fraser River, just south of Gang Ranch.

Churn Creek Protected Area was established in 1995 following recommendations in the Cariboo-Chilcotin Land Use Plan. It is one of five large protected areas across BC that has been established primarily for the conservation of grassland ecosystems. The Protected Area also reflects the historic importance of the Churn Creek area to First Nations, ranching, hunting, mining, and recreation. This area supports an operating ranch, where carefully managed cattle grazing continues. In 1998, the provincial government purchased the historic Empire Valley Ranch located within the Protected Area, and added the land to the Churn Creek Protected Area.

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