Motor Oil vs Intense weather -15f #mobil,#rotella,#shell,#pennzoil

With it remaining a awesome neat wintertime day (-15f) out i required to acquire a look at how some of the different motor oils we use would act in the serious temps . hope your all getting a wonderful working day and thank you for looking at.

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  1. Good test, buddy. My 97' GMC K2500 asks for 5w-30 for negative 20 to 100 degrees and 10w-30 for zero-100plus degrees (Haynes 24065). I'm not a real oil-literate person…but it says to choose the lower viscosity for best fuel economy and easier cold starts. What designates as lower viscosity in the oil number? Is it like shotgun shell gauge reading where the lower number is larger etc? Or is it direct reading off the numbers…lower number is lower viscosity? Thanks, man.

  2. Man that 15-40 was thick. I use 20-50 in my bikes. When I lived in Prescott, I started 2 or 3 bikes when it was around -8 to -10 a few times and many times right around 0. Only ever had trouble starting an 06 Super Glide. My others fired right up. The 06 when it was in the 20s and below, I would kill the battery trying to start it, but when I jumped it with my truck battery it would fire right up.

  3. Awesome video my friend we get our first snowfall tonight at 5:00 p.m. but the bad part is as I have to drive a 72 passenger School Bus until 5:30 is my last student drop off then I got to make my way back to my bus garage here we go

  4. Hi B! With that temperature, not much different in the way oil flows. It's all pretty thick. Can't wait to see and hear the 7.3 start up. Our 05 Ford F450 shop truck, has the old piece of crap 6.0. If it's below 20 degrees, you better have it plugged in. It's a chore sometimes to get it going. Take care and stay warm ?

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