Mother Nature Got Angry Caught On Camera | Most Insane Moments of 2022 !

Mother Nature Got Angry Caught On Camera | Most Insane Moments of 2022 ! 7

Seeing the hero of a movie fight his way through a storm is awesome! But seeing one of the most powerful hurricanes in history right outside your window is another matter entirely. Mother nature has been quite upset with us this year, so grab your umbrella and get ready for the Scariest Storm And Flood Moments of 2022!

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  1. I must say the strongest thunder storm ⛈️ is when your dead asleep ? and you having a good dream and then you wake up instantly… from the sound of a thunderstorm ⛈️ that sounded like a bomb went off right next to your house ? And your heart ❤️ is in your mouth pounding….. lol ? Yea good old Mother Nature you just gotta love her…… because there’s really nothing you can do….

  2. As someone who has experienced their fair share of storms, I can say without a doubt that this was by far the most terrifying one I've encountered in my 18 years living in Florida. I found myself only about an hour away from where the storm hit the hardest, causing severe flooding in that area. Fortunately, my house was spared as the water only reached about 1-3 feet deep on my road. However, enduring over 6 hours of relentless, thunderous winds was a harrowing experience. I watched in fear as a massive oak tree teetered dangerously close to a neighbor's house, and my own room's roof began to leak. Shingles flew off in every direction, shattering the lanai screens. The entire ordeal was simply dreadful. To make matters worse, we were left without any means of communication for nearly a week due to the lack of service. The storm had a profound impact on me, causing recurring nightmares and an exaggerated response to even the slightest sign of inclement weather. It's disheartening that we still haven't been able to repair my room due to the insurance companies doubting the extent of the damages we endured. It has been a challenging journey, to say the least ?

  3. I can feel my throat and chest tightening listening to this guy force his voice. He'd do well to seek a vocal coach to train him how to loosen up because what he's doing now sounds so painful.

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