Most newest breaking news 23 september stay happening in the earth currently. Usa

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Most most up-to-date news stay happening in the earth right now 23 september 2022 #information #bbcnews #cnn #bbc
Most most up-to-date breaking information 23 september reside taking place in the world nowadays.storm Japan,Mexico,United states
Do you think? Why are there so quite a few organic disasters lately? Is it a Haarp or is it an omen of the second coming of Jesus Christ? Possibly science has already given the respond to and this is global warming? You should produce your model in the opinions underneath the video clip! Get pleasure from observing.

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  2. И снова дождь или снег.
    Привыкай теперь. Это для вас теперь будет в повседневной.
    Вот вам снега по пояс и мороз за тридцать пять. Почувствовать все прелести жизни. Как у нас В Самаре.

  3. Ну что поделаешь. Ни кто не застрахован от ошибок. Россия применяет климатическое оружие. И Шайгу перепутал тумблера.

  4. Heat waves, droughts, fires and heavy rains that cause severe flooding have become more frequent in many parts of the world due to climate change, which affects the entire worldwide population.

    The Earth is facing a “triple planetary crisis,” warn UN officials. Climate disruption, nature and biodiversity loss, and pollution and waste are the main areas of concern regarding the current state of the environment. This year, the Earth Day’s theme is “Invest In Our Planet,” so what would humanity's best investment for the planet be?

    We need to start by cleaning up the planet. There is no place on Earth where the air and water are clean, and that's a real problem. In theory, tackling this issue should be our priority when it comes to taking action to improve the dismal state of our planet. But let’s not fool ourselves. Such a plan alone will solve nothing.

    It will only help the international organizations to justify their own existence. They tick off "done" to raise as much money as they want, and that's it. If we do not improve relations between us, we will not be able to achieve the great and ambitious improvement in nature that we want and need to attain globally. We will never achieve a good result through bureaucratic, mechanical measures.

    There are a lot of people sitting in their comfortable offices profiting from the environmental crisis and demanding money and respect. They keep flying from one end of the world to the other on all kinds of missions to make a lot of noise with what they are "doing" and which everyone "needs to hear" as if that alone means something is happening, but in practice we see no real progress. The Earth must also be cleansed of them, of these people who engage in useless campaigns that only cause harm because they mislead the world, leading it away from the real solution.

    The cleaning of the planet should start inside out. If we do not clean the planet from within, and continue with our reckless behavior and the selfish nature of our hearts as before, nothing will change for the better. The immense sums invested in environmental initiatives should be directed to spreading an educational process aimed at improving the way we relate to each other.

    Humans are the most developed and influential factors of all of nature's levels: still, vegetative, animate and human. Since we occupy the highest level in nature, positively affecting the environment, the climate, and nature in general can be achieved by reaching positive relations among us. On the contrary, by letting our divisive drives tear apart human relations, we also destroy our surrounding environment, the very nature that our lives depend on.

    The more we humans are able to correct ourselves by changing our divisive attitudes toward each other into positive attitudes of mutual support, encouragement, mutual responsibility, and reciprocal concern, the more we will receive positive feedback from nature. And the more we develop without making this necessary correction, the more negative feedback we will receive from nature, as we have experienced in the form of natural disasters, pandemics.

    It is of utmost importance for us to organize our thoughts, desires and qualities so that we understand that saving the environment and a shift to a better future depend solely on changing our attitudes to each other: from antagonistic egoism to positive, compassionate and cooperative relationships.



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