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  1. "Because my mother blessed me…. ✨with a kitchen rack,  to dry all your dishes✨"

    😂😂😂 Giiiiirl, that should be printed on a short or something. 😅

  2. I have seen a real tornado up close. They aren't scary. Maybe that's why I don't scare easy. Because when I was less than 10 years old I was two blocks away from one watching it come at me in fascination.

  3. So for the Chicago ice video it's because anywhere, where a big enough building has ice on it and they break off it'll be in bigger chunks. Now I'm Chicago it's obviously is known as the city of wind so with the big ice chunks and wind it makes the chunks basic weapons

  4. As someone who had to outrun a tornado when we were in Dallas and had to stop at a Walmart for 3 hours and then getting back in the car and got hit with another that chased us back into another town basically then stopped

  5. In South Africa we are lucky not to have such extreme weather conditions. I have never seen a tornado or a hurricane or even snow, but monkeys literally stole my hairspray out of my bathroom this morning so…

  6. What's hot in Canada? I think Florida hot is hotter. Only the resorts on the coast have insurance. Homes and small businesses are out of lock on the coast thanks to a fascist idiot called the governor

  7. Midwesterners are just built different. We don't give a fluff if there are naders outside. We will go outside and watch them destroy shit.

  8. There was one day a few months ago it was supposed to storm heavily in my area so I was outside on my porch, watching the sky get darker, and my dumbass realized that I was sitting on a metal bench…so I got inside quickly, before it started to hail

  9. I almost got striked by thunders…more than once😂😂😂I love extreme weather I get happy when we have crazy storms bc it's always sunny where I live bc it's a turistic mediterranean city😩

  10. I've seen a tornado…it took the exterior bathtub up flying, we hid in my grandma's bunker😅. That was in east Europe 😂never seen another one again😅.

  11. I experienced a tornado watch, and it was real, but then it hit somewhere else, and it was terrifying for me and my Besty, but her brother and my brother we’re just farting and laughing at the whole time me and my best you were t terrified

  12. Run from extreme weather? NO. ❌
    Take a video risking your life to death? YES. ✔️

    Oh yehh if i were to be in a tsunami- i would get a boat, let the water hit the building, and get as close to the water as possible, plop the boat down and ride my way outa there. Although i would probably die.

  13. I went through the December 26th 2015 tornado in garland/Rowlett in Texas. I was driving in it to get to my kid. When I tell you I saw the outline and how wide it was when it hit a transform and lit the sky up I was like yep this just really happened and it destroyed so much.

  14. I'm kinda sad she missed the part at the end of that multiple lighting strike video where you can hear the dude in the background saying, "bro, I just shit AND pissed myself" 😂

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