MOST Extraordinary Weather conditions Moments Caught On Camera

MOST Extraordinary Weather conditions Moments Caught On Camera 7

MOST Excessive Weather conditions Times Caught On Digicam

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  1. Stopped watching two minutes into this. Too much dialogue and overview. We don’t want to hear or care about your long winding explanations/perspective. Just move through the footage quickly, with little or no commentary. Take a queue from the other folks who have figured this out. You won’t have as look a view time, but you’ll get far more viewers.

  2. In Japanese, it’s called taifū. Written, it is 台風. The first kanji, 台, means a stand, base, manner. The second kanji, 風, means wind. Together in that order means a typhoon.

  3. Been offshore for 30 years and North Sea storms are horrendous 27 meter waves and that’s no exaggeration when the ship goes down with the wave it feels like it ain’t coming back up ,,but wouldn’t change the last 30 years for anything the experience was thrilling but jumping out of aeroplane at 15000 feet 8000 free fall was a lot better have fun people live life to fullest and don’t forget to do a bucket list

  4. Doesn't anyone read the comments before they post the 43rd duplicate of the same thing?
    A quick search of the comments : 37 related to mis-pronouncing "Des Moines" /// 17 about holy roller, "God dun it", preaching to the masses who will never read that crap /// 62 about what to call a super storm. /// 18 calling out Underworld for mistaken locations or events.

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Sunrise Seascape 26

Sunrise Seascape

iranian women taking selfie picture in the acoustic ceiling in the music room of ali qapu palace, Isfahan Province, isfahan, Iran 27

iranian women taking selfie picture in the acoustic ceiling in the music room of ali qapu palace, Isfahan Province, isfahan, Iran