Most Dangerous Places On Earth

Get ready for a trip to the most dangerous places on Earth!
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  1. In Indonesia, there are actually a few places similar to the "death road". Though only motorcycles can drive there because it's so slim. I've drove through one with my mother… Don't want to do it again thank you very much💀💀💀

  2. The most dangerous place I been to was a ride at fair and that was the last time we going on the fair because it went very fast and it would turn around then. Go backwards very faster

  3. If you got out of a submarine at the bottom of a Mariana Trench you can wave good-bye to functioning lungs?!
    What the hell?! Oh please yeah it takes two tablespoons of water to drown – just to drown. And the Mariana ?? Oh come on get real , more like welcome to be coming a implosion & explosion simultaneous event the only thing left of you will be the bubbles making their way to the surface and by the way they will go all the way to the surface completely free of the now 97% completely dissolved and uniformly dispersed by the velocity of the oxygen escaping the flesh once enveloping it. Since your circulatory system has to pump oxygenated blood all over your body it's chock-full that's why you turn into instant mush like an MRE for cannibals at the bottom of the sea. Indicate you had an army of cannibals at the bottom of this Mariana Trench hungry for human and completely immune to the pressures of the deep ocean. Now that is a badass military presence. congratulations would be certainly in order and I'm sure begging for ones preservation of life indicative of plenty of kissing in places quite unpleasant I'm going to nope on out of that nightmare. Lol 😅

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