More POWERFUL Storms Are Coming…

In this weather forecast, we are breaking down a NEW storm that will bring a dangerous heatwave and develop some severe weather for many areas over the next 7 days. This will impact states like Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, the Midwest, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, and Arkansas. The transition from La Nina to El Nino is occurring. Find the latest details of the weather across the United States in our latest weather forecast.

0:00 – Intro
0:24 – Today’s Weather
1:49 – Current Weather Pattern, What’s To Come…
4:30 – Severe Weather (Next Few Days)



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  1. Max, you were right about Wedndays night in northern indiana, we didn't get touch expect rain, however the border of MI,IN had some action. Thanks brother for looking out!

  2. Last night had a big storm in Phoenix metro area. The dam broke. Finally!!! Lot of rain, wind, thunder, lightning. Got a severe thunderstorm warning. Came as a bit of a surprise. But very much appreciated. ⛈️

  3. God is good. God is my helper and deliverer against my very strong enemy, d usa. God fulfills his promise to me to fight against my string enemy and to turn my enemy into dust as in Psalms 18. Woe to d usa. Flee d usa.

  4. I can’t make this up but a huge storm was coming into a local town while I was waiting at the emergency room for a relative. You had forecasted a high chance of flying trampolines that day. As I was waiting a lady came in bleeding severely with both hands in ice packs. She tried to catch her flying trampoline as the front came in. Ouch! Both hands were fractured in multiple places.

  5. I really wish everyone on youtube would stop talking so fast as if they are in a time crunch. Especially explanatory things. Is there a specific reason for that? Is it that they don't have time to have a reasonable talk or Is everyone trying to sound 'exciting'? Because it's so unnecessary and ends up just being distracting to the information. I really like this announcer- seems cool and informative- but the charging 'excited' and rapid way.. unnnecessary.

  6. Should we be worried about how the wildfire smoke effects Lake Superior, because of how the smoke blocks the light so the bottom of Lake Superior isn't getting any light at all so really isn't being warmed up this summer. Will that effect how cold it might be this winter?

  7. Had a few flying trampolines in Livonia Michigan area yesterday Max!? We didn't get near the wind in Lake Orion, but the rain was heavy and the lightning was crazy!! Long skinny horizontal strikes! Split the sky in half,and thunder went on for 30-40 seconds. I didn't lose power this time but many others did. ??

  8. Enjoy your updates. One suggestion, when you mention a time of day that storms are expected, it would be helpful to know what time zone you are referencing.