Monday forecast! 12/4/23 MAJOR STORM brewing by the weekend.. Severe risk increasing! Latest info

0:00 / Intro
1:45 / Current conditions & alerts today
5:35 / Southeast
6:55 / Northeast
8:45 / South Central
9:27 / North Central
11:55 / Western US
13:47 / Temperatures
15:06 / Major Storm signal growing
19:06 / Storm breakdown comparison
24:09 / Severe risk growing..

Hey! thanks for watching! My name is Mitch and I live in Central South Carolina. I started off mainly talking about weather specifically for South Carolina but have now expanded to the entire US. I am not a Meteorologist, I am just a guy that is passionate about weather, and that loves sharing what I know with others! I also love chasing extreme weather. I have a playlist on my channel with numerous chase videos.

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  1. Very interesting potential weather coming your way Mitch, look forward to tonights video. You're sounding much better than the other day, glad you're recovering well.

  2. Hi Mitch, please pray for my Mom Stella. She is 76 with torn ligaments in her shoulder due to a bad fall. She is having surgery in a week and needs prayer. She lives in California. Thank you and blessings to you and your family.

  3. Thank you Mitch! I agree Mondays are a mess ? but glad to have a really reliable update on this storm coming this weekend. I'm right in the middle of the severe zone in NE Texas AGAIN lol really grateful for the information you always give us! Yall have a great day!

  4. Good morning Mitch. I think this could give Oklahoma City it's first snowfall of the season. It will definitely make my job on the phones interesting. Weather waivers will probably get issued for flights Wed or Thurs

  5. Asking for prayers for myself. I tested positive for COVID today and I’m 15 weeks pregnant. Thankfully I’m feeling relatively okay for now. Pray that everything will be okay for my little bean ❤

  6. Lol I always laugh when I hear how the weather is in Arkansas. My sister lives down there and complains when it's too cold (50's there) meanwhile the rest of the family on my dad's side gets negative degree weather ? how are y'all cold I gotta know.
    Anyway I'm just waiting for tornadoes I'm over the snow already ??

  7. Good Morning Mitch & Happy Monday. Today's forecast was long & very informative. Supposed to be sunny & warm today out here in my area. Thank You, as always Mitch, have a Great Monday & a Wonderful Week. Much Love.

  8. Thank you dear Mitch. Prayers lifted up. ?❤ Asking for prayers for safety, health and calm please. How much is SW Ohio going to be affected by this strong storm coming? Thank you.

  9. Mitch. Love your channel. Fellow SC here. Mcclellanville SC. Please tell us we are going to have some long term cold weather in SC in the near future. The AC 1 day, heat the next, is for the birds! Thanks for all you do! Your channel is appreciated.

  10. Hey Mitch, question: so when you say the disturbance in the midwest is mid-level, how does that differ from usual? Does the surface and upper level map not show the energy? Just trying to learn more thanks!

  11. Thanks Mitch for the update. Right now I am having some flurries and the temperatures are dropping right now throughout the day with some northerly wind flow going on right now.

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