Meteorologist Fees 7 Extraordinary Temperature Scenes In Films and Television | How Authentic Is It?

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Storm chaser Cyrena Arnold looks at 7 hurricane and tornado scenes from well-known Television displays and motion pictures and premiums them dependent on realism.
She appears at storm scenes in “Geostorm” (2017), “Twister” (1996), “Into the Storm” (2014), “The Day Soon after Tomorrow” (2004), “Sharknado” (2013), “Evening of the Twisters” (1996), and “X-Adult men” (2000).

Can any person endure in the centre of a tornado? Should you acquire shelter in a basement when a storm hits? Are fire tornadoes a point? Could “Sharknado” essentially materialize?

Arnold is a meteorologist and has labored at Mount Washington Observatory and NASA. She hosts talks for STEM occupations, and is the creator of “The Weather conditions Tale: With Frances Fox.”

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Meteorologist Rates 7 Extreme Temperature Scenes In Motion pictures and Television set | How Genuine Is It?


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  1. The El Reno tornado shows the flaws of the EF scale. How a tornado 2.6 miles wide with 300mph wind speeds is rated a EF3 defies logic.

  2. 8:00 The only video that I know of of multiple true tornadoes is the Pilger, Nebraska twins. A truly magnificent sight but they weren't nearly as close to each other as that.

  3. Lived in the midwest for decades and no live sightings, just minor damage miles away. Moved to the mid southeastern area and one night under a tornado watch my ears popped. Grabbed the dog and ran downstairs. Confirmed tornado touched down about 3km away. Crazy stuff.

  4. Correction about 4:41. Richard Henderson was a local yokel who wanted to get a selfie with the El Reno tornado. In no way, shape, or form was he knowledgeable about any tornado, let alone a 2.6 mile wide monster. The last image on his phone was of him STANDING IN FRONT of the tornado! I'm pretty sure you know that you DO NOT DO THAT! He was killed not long after that image. He was not in his truck, he was outside.

    So please change that to three knowledgeable people were killed and one idiot. Tim, Carl and Paul were in the wrong place at the wrong time. The tornado itself did NOT change directions, they were struck by one of the sub vortices. Tim remained in his car, Paul and Carl were ejected. If you look at the track of the El Reno tornado, you can see it did not shift directions. It did not stalk Tim, his son and best friend.

  5. The scene in Night of the Twisters with Dan and his friend looking at the TV warning wasn't as dumb as them hearing the sirens stop the first time and assume it was safe to continue messing around. Seriously, I'm surprised she didn't see more of that film.

  6. Fun Fact: Sharks often leave areas before severe weather. Sharks can feel the changes in air pressure and will flee to deeper waters to wait out the storm.

  7. My hometown has an attraction at the science centre where they have a fire whirl. Pretty cool. They feed fuel into a structure built to draw in air from beneath, that self-powers a fire vortex.

  8. There are two people that I know of that have been inside of a tornado. Sean Casey and Reed Timmer. (Yes, I know, I’ve watched Storm Chasers.)

  9. Living by the Black sea, I've seen small tornadoes and usually there were several of them at the same time. Once we've counted up to 7 of them in the sea, but there was quite some distance between them. And in that area they are mostly harmless – shortly after they get to the ground, they disappear. And it was a spectacular view, by the way, with a heavy rain and the sky turning almost black and the lightnings revealing them.

  10. I….I dont think she was the right person to review X-MEN. Of course superpower don't exist. It's about how she used to powers to determine how real that could be. Imagination goes a long way.

  11. Insider – When you post vids like this, make sure the (weather in this video) is natural, not made by A.I or People. It seems the experts never get this idea. They look at something that is natural, not that its being generated by computers or something. Geostorm is one such movie. Non of the weather was made by nature, but Cyrena Arnold only points out what nature can do not what a saterlite or space station can do or cant do.



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