Mars: Crocker Mountain

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Mars: Crocker Mountain

Curiosity Rover turned its right-side Mast Camera (R-MastCam) and its Remote Micro Imager (RMI-ChemCam) towards a target dubbed ‘Crocker Mountain’ during the late morning of mission sol 1678. The target is situated 5 meters to the South of the rover’s mast mounted cameras. I created a mosaic of the two overlapping RMI frames using MS-ICE and assembled the mosaic with the MastCam frame into this simple montage using PhotoScape. I have annotated the field of view covered by the RMI’s onto the MastCam frame and added a 10 centimeter scale bar derived by using AlgorimancerPG with a pair of stereo images from the rover’s Navigation Camera. We can see that the capping rock is a little darker than the lower mudstone, and although it contains fractures we see no evidence of the light toned mineral fills (Calcium Sulfate) in those fractures that seem to be prevalent in the Murray formation mudstones.

With each drive we are leaving the Bagnold dunes behind us, and we are steadily closing on the Vera Rubin Ridge, which was once known as the ‘Clay and Hematite Ridge’. Pure speculation on my behalf, but I wonder if we are seeing some of the clay deposits associated with clay signatures reported by instruments aboard the orbiting satellites in this part of the crater? It will be interesting to see what JPL think of these outcrops. The images used here were acquired on 26th April 2017 (Sol 1678) at site 62/1776.

Link to raw images for sol 1678 from all cameras: Link
Image Credits: NASA/JPL-CalTech/MSSS/LANL

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