Many Forthcoming Extreme Storms… Intense Wintertime Storms, Severe Temperature Outbreaks, Hefty Snowfall

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Numerous Forthcoming Severe Storms… Intensive Winter Storms, Severe Weather Outbreaks, Major Snowfall

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  2. I live in northern Illinois right near the Wisconsin state line and we haven’t gotten any big snow events in my area whyyyyy ? what’s the latest when a big winter storm can still hit? Cause I’m losing hope at this point I want it to be spring already with severe storms.

  3. I disagree with storms being as bad next week. I will be convinced when the NWS says so. The GFS nailed this round in my opinion on track.

  4. I live in western north Carolina ,we have had a pretty mild winter.. we had one big snow ❄️ earlier about 18 inches:: I wish for another pretty snow storm.i hate a spring pattern here in our mountains during the winter.Sometimes we get a big snow ❄️ in early or mid March. The 1993 blizzard was truly an experience I will never forget,! Hopefully you can see if we we got it coming our way.. I just hate the horrible storms that come with the pattern we are seeing now..when will this set up we have now subside? Thanks for the weather forecasts and I hope you have a good time delivering the weather to us as I am to seeing it daily. Keep up the good work and I will be back tomorrow to get the forecast!!?❄️

  5. In SW MO…weve had a winter storm already thats more than weve had in years…8 inches of snow and deep cold. That was last week. Yesterday was 70 and 40 mph winds. Today at 1:47 Pm, its 22, feels like 8. Wind at 20 mph. Crazy weather.

  6. I expected more discussion regarding the storm about to SLAM Mississippi. The wind is ridiculous, tornado watches across all of central MS. Power outages across the state bc of the wind. Just heard there was a tornado warning in Yazoo county.

  7. I sure hope that next fridays storm sticks for me here in Iowa!! Only had 1 storm this whole winter and I need more snow! So I’m gonna pray we get a good one…..then I’ll be ready for spring. ?

  8. Forecast is 25mm rain and up to 25cm snow ❄️ for southwest Ontario. I like the rain ? all the white ?is melting away. I could do without the snow ❄️ tho. I want spring to come.

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